14 thoughts on “BB Motivation Arnold Workout (Pumping Iron)”

  1. TheCrippler79

    arnie is cheating nearly every exercise,its hard to believe that he gots his grest muscular in that way. .. but i still love him i mean he´s conan

  2. It’s simple – arnold is (was) man who I want to look alike. Only less musculant about 30%. When I see him train it reminds me what I have to do to achive that goal.
    I thought it’s obvious.

  3. george harris

    I’d love to know how this motivates you?
    And what happens when you’re not able to use it? Here’s why

    I do like the music though. who is it?
    George SuperBootCamps

  4. It’s kinda annoying for me too but Youtube change it coz original song (POD – Alive) is copyrighted or something.

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