Basic Yoga Hip Opener Stretch

Visit to order my workout DVD’s and Downloads including the award winning “Pilates for Men” and “Starter Series”! I love to bike and jog but man, those hips can get tight! Here is a fast and effective hip stretch you can do right after you exercises to get things moving again. This also loosens up your lower back and knee. Enjoy!
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4 thoughts on “Basic Yoga Hip Opener Stretch”

  1. motleyfitness

    Thanks buddy! When filming, I have the idea of the workout in my head but whatever else happens is just random chance 🙂

  2. Sean, when you said “Alright, let’s get back on the bike”, then looked to your left and ran off, I laughed out loud!

    Mate, you have wonderful comic timing.

  3. I’ve a very British sense of humour, so I tend to laugh at things that are on a less than obvious level; the fact that you edited this video, AND INCLUDED THAT BIT WHERE YOU RUN OFF, is just absolutely hilarious! It’s not just WHAT you do, it’s the fact that you consciously include it in your videos that makes me laugh so much.

    I love that moment, in another of your videos, where you start to sing… then stop to make sure no one’s looking… then wholeheartedly sing again! LOL!

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