Basic Step Aerobics Fitness Cardio Workout — Jenny Ford

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    Jenny excellent! Great for beginners, I managed to finish, Step exercises could do, but increasing intermediate difficulty! would be great Thank you amazing, thanks

  2. 6.2.13 jenny girl!!SInce 4.29.13 im down 13.8lbs from your step, chalene extreme, mari winsor pilates, and physique 57, the inches are flying faster than the lbs, what id love to see go is the lower subcutaneus lil mini tire, iknow it will with consistant diet n exercise, so wanted to pist ya I called n sent email but do not know if you got it.But there it is, will keep yiu posted.

  3. Hi ChaosNSilence, That is so great! Thanks for sharing your weight loss goals and I really wish you all the best with everything. That is no easy task, so really way to go! Let me know if you have any other questions. =)

  4. ChaosNSilence

    Hi there! I just stumbled onto your videos this morning. I am super excited to try more. I did this one this morning (without a step – hoping to find one second hand somewhere cheap). I am on a 100LB weightloss journey and am always looking for new workouts to try and blog about. This morning it was this one! (and today is Day#44 of exercising for me.)

  5. 5.23.13 chalean extreme burn circuit 1 30 min heavy wts small reps ….
    AND I could only complete 18 min of your workout..I am pooped jenny girl..whew. Tomorrow strictly cardio n step so I will be able to finish.

  6. Jenny I sent a detailed email to your Jenny email re current progress. 5.22.13

  7. leahb1227 — I am loving hearing your progress, and I read through all of your posts. Thanks so much for letting me know. YES!!! Down 8 lbs… amazing!!! You are doing great!!! I am looking forward to hearing your next update. Really way to go!

  8. WOW!!! Turbofire tone30 first? See, you are making amazing strides. LOVE when clothes start to fit better.  Always a great sign.

  9. leahb1227 — Way to go!!! Some days are seriously so hard to get motivated to exercise, and I am so impressed to hear you did it regardless of lack of sleep. I am also very inspired by your goals of 7 days per week. It is always a motivator when you start to feel stronger, and then especially when you begin to see results.

  10. leahb1227 — LOL, I love that you talk back to me. That is great! Will hopefully be getting the newer one filmed this weekend, then posted soon after… =)

  11. Thais, So awesome!!! LOVE that you are liking step now. Seriously made my day! =)

  12. 5.20.13 started out 2 steps 18 min in paused and reduced to 1 step.Im feeling it Jenny.So I weighrd and measured since 5.13.13 im down 8lbs and 1/2 to 1 inch in my body parts I missed mon and tues but have been consistant with this one basic and my chalene johnson turbofire and bosu and gal of water and clean meals 5 times daily.Ok so cant wait to report 6.13.13.Thanks Jenny

  13. 5.19.13 I was crawling to finish this today, I did my turbofire tone30 before this which incorporated a lot of upper and lower body at same time.So when I got to yours my cardio step towards the end was a bit laggy, great workout as always I feel my thighs though and good news my pants are feelung looser, measures tomorrow.

  14. 5.18.13 thanks for my 30 min wkout im very sleep deprived at the moment but I HAVE To workout for 30 minutes and this always gets my heart going and sweat and I feel super. I think if I stay with this for my 35 days 7 days a week I will see progress and some changes take place in my body for sure!!

  15. Jenny Im so looking forward to the new addition basic step I get such a great workout, heartrate up every time and the 30 minutes flies by before I know it.Your workouts commands and motivation are so inspirational, I find myself tslking bsck to you, like when you ask if we are ok, I love it and cannot wait for the new one.:)

  16. Always had prejudice against step, but your videos have changed my view. Now I’m having fun and exercising. Thank you.

  17. leahb1227— AWESOME!!!! I LOVE THAT!!! Seriously, that is so great! What a fantastic feeling. Thanks for keeping me posted.

  18. leahb1227 — Oh, seriously that is quite a normal thing to do. I have MANY come into my classes and put 2-3 risers on each side, and then quickly remove them a few minutes into class. So happy you got a great workout! You are so smart to add risers once you are comfortable. Going to film another BASIC STEP workout this weekend. I’ve gotten such a great response from you and many others. Thanks so much for your feedback. Really appreciate it.

  19. Love love love this workout I was able to complete without stopping and I totally have the moves down and the left right exchanges too.Thanks Jenny! 5.13.13

  20. Ok jenny now I know why I was not finishing, I got a great workout today and completed my 30 minutes because I removed a rizer, the platform is a 3 in 1 step with 2 rizers, I had it on higher step first time so i was getting your max max basic, so i will try with 1 now and add other in a week or so, I just love your workouts.THANK YOU 🙂 5.10.13

  21. Slyckchica2 — lol!! It is surprising I know! So happy you had a great workout with me. Thanks for posting!

  22. leahb1227 YAY!!! Way to go! I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for the update…please continue to keep me posted. And again, great work! 

  23. Gail so good to know your experience. Hope with practice you feel more comfortable with the moves. I love that you can get your heart rate up even with simplicity. =) Keep up the great work!

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