Basic Split Step Aerobics Exercise : Aerobics Exercise

Basic Split Step Aerobics Exercise : Aerobics Exercise

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The final routine for Double Step Aerobics. January 3, 2009 Please go to All my newest videos will be posted there.
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25 thoughts on “Basic Split Step Aerobics Exercise : Aerobics Exercise”

  1. dude, you rock the house. Great job! I can’t until I can get my class to
    this point.

  2. wow!! i have never seen anyone use the step behind them would love to take
    your class

  3. I have been teaching for 18 years and we all think we have the best class
    but I must say you are the bomb, dude you rock!!

  4. I love step where can I take that class? And what song is that playing
    while you are stepping?

  5. Is there a name for the style of step you teach? It’s very hard to find a
    hard core step class like this in my country. What I have seen is either
    “dance step” which is mostly dancing around the step with lots of
    arabesques, twists and ball changes, or beginner step at yawningly low
    BPMs. I’d appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!

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