Basic Pregnancy Workout for Easy Labor & Fast Recovery!

This was the workout I did during and after pregnancy. New Videos Everyday! 🙂 ► SOCIAL NETWORKS ► https ► ► ► Instagrm @marin8d BABY LOVE HATS ► “Stock music provided by Mike Weiser, Prolificarts, ZingDog, Gary S Wolk, Sideral, Peter Elvin, Douggs, Michael Havoc, AllBigScreenFX, HWoodPlayers, Futurelovers, wildeye, arttunetech, DIAMONDSOUNDS, PummeloWizard /”

17 thoughts on “Basic Pregnancy Workout for Easy Labor & Fast Recovery!”

  1. leeannharing3

    You expect me to do squats while pregnant? I can barely bend down to pick something up.

  2. BigSupremeDaddy

    These look more like the kind of exercises women do to increase the odds that someone will want to IMPREGNATE them in the first place!

    Big Daddy

  3. hey there! i’d start with what’s comfortable and increase it as you go along. Check out our website for my personal routine. You can find it under “workouts & challenges” 🙂

  4. TheOrdinarygirl05

    “angry dog”?? Thats called the “Cat Cow Pose”…in yoga. 🙂 Question… do you rest in between, like when your pregnant?

  5. That’S really amazing. Proves that pregnancy does not mean you have to stop all activities. You’re a really fit mom, congrats! ^^

  6. how in the world did you do p90x during your second trimester?lol… at the end of my second trimester now and i wish i can do it…..ur amazing thats all i can.

  7. Natasha Thomsen

    Hi there!

    First of all, are you saying “cackles” or what do you spell it? 🙂 (I’m not from an english speaking country, sorry) .. And second of all, how many times a week did you work out like you say 10-15 times, 3 in a row ? I hope so much that you’re going to answer me, because I’m really gonna try this workout before, while and after pregnancy. Have a nice day. Bye!

  8. Hi the exercise is called “kegals”… Do this exercise everyday unless you feel tired.

  9. I love your determination. No “I just gave birth thats why Im fat” excuses THUMBS UP! 🙂

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