Basic Aerobic Steps : Corner to Corner Step Aerobics Exercise

Step aerobics exercises and routines for at-home workouts. Learn how to do a basic corner to corner step aerobic exercise in this free aerobic fitness video….
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

29 thoughts on “Basic Aerobic Steps : Corner to Corner Step Aerobics Exercise”

  1. Easy but effective exercise. This would be great for somebody just starting
    out, thanks for sharing! Any of your viewers have a tough time working the
    abs because of severe back or neck pain, please visit theabstand*net and
    try our machine.

  2. Thanks for the simple explanation — everyone has to start somewhere and
    this helps.

  3. Maccastreisfan

    Thanks for the explanation for people not used to choreography it really

  4. sorchaarmstrong

    what a joke! Seriously. If you need to be shown this then you probably
    shouldn’t be let near any sort of fitness equipment.. for your own safety..!

  5. Samantha Cooper

    I have lost over a stone in one month thanks to your videos I enjoy your
    workouts so much I cancelled my gym membership as none of the step
    instructors come close to what you do x

  6. This is without a doubt the best step instruction video on youtube
    especially for someone like me with two left feet! The video is clear,
    audio is clear, the routine is not over complicated but gets me burning
    major calories! I love it

  7. Oh, that is wonderful! You are so welcome! Really happy you found a good
    fit with Step by Step 2. Thanks for posting your comments! =)

  8. Hi Cindi, just following up with you. Hoping you are finding your endurance
    has increased some. I just want to say, WAY TO GO! Really, way to go, for
    wanting to get healthy and in better shape. I wish you all the best in your
    fitness journey. Let me know if you have any other questions. 😀

  9. @teegee2010 –so happy you like it! I suppose an option to be able to play
    it on your tv would be to download it off my site to your computer then use
    a program that can help you burn it to a dvd. Let me know if I can help at

  10. I really enjoyed this video. Step by Step was too easy, but Unexpected Step
    was too difficult. Perfect fit! Thank you Jenny!

  11. Candice Thornton

    Thank you so much Jenny Ford!!! I am new to teaching step aerobics and this
    helps me provide my class with easy but effective moves!!! Keep up the
    great work you are awesome!!!

  12. ok Jenny Ford this was another great workout. I dd bust out laughing as i
    did the funky push. thanks for keepin it fun.

  13. Terri Kirsch, that is great!!! Hope you and your sisters enjoy stepping
    together, how fun!!! Would love to hear how it goes. =D

  14. These are wonderful step patterns! I have been practising them and can’t
    wait to share them with my class tomorrow! Thank you so much Jenny for
    taking the time to include such great step workouts on here! I am a huge
    fan! 🙂

  15. @jballreich That is so awesome to hear!!! That is definitely one reason I
    put my workouts up, for instructors and participants. I am also happy to
    hear that you fell in love with step. Once you do, there is no going back..
    lol!!! THanks also for your kind words!!!

  16. EnglishRose719

    Absolutely love your workouts Jenny! I’m enjoying using them to get in
    shape for my wedding this month!

  17. @Zawjatulmo – Step by Step 2 is a little higher intensity than my Step by
    Step workout. I am offering a FREE download of Step by Step 2 on my site.
    Scroll down and it is on the bottom left side. Yes you can download to a
    DVD. You have to have a DVD authoring program that will convert the file so
    that its compatible with your DVD player. If you have a Mac, the program is
    called iDVD. If you have a PC, you can google what program you could use.
    Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

  18. @Diana Wilke — That makes me so happy! Hope your class went well. I used
    combo 4 from this workout in my step class today too. =) I am always so
    pleased to hear when my workouts help not only participants but instructors
    too. Thanks for taking the time to write me! =)

  19. Hi Jenny i just was wondering which music you used in this video. 🙂 I
    really enjoyed the first one! Thank you Ps: Very nice and professional
    Videos. They are so easy to understand. 😀

  20. Is there a limit to how many times your videos can be played?.. I f so, I
    need to know where to purchase these step videos.. They have become a part
    of my fitness routine. Today, none of them would play… : (

  21. @preethagopal Wow! Congrats on the baby, and on losing 9kgs. It takes a lot
    of consistent effort to lose weight, and is especially hard after a baby.
    (Trust me I know, I have 3 boys!) You are doing great by listening to your
    body and doing cardio workouts like my hi-lo. I love that you want to add
    some resistance workouts to your routine. In the next little while I will
    be posting some resistance workouts (with weights). Be sure to watch for
    them and keep up the great work!

  22. @cheekaboo75 Wow! Thank you so much. I am thrilled that you were so happy
    with my Step by Step 2 workout. I think the best kinds of workouts burn
    major calories AND are fun! I am glad this fit the bill. Thanks again for
    your comments! =)

  23. @TLClark, thanks so much! So happy you enjoyed my Step by Step 2. If I got
    you to pull out your step, then mission accomplished! =)

  24. @ maria beatriz ocampo vargas — Gracias por tus comentarios. Si has
    encontrado este entrenamiento es demasiado difícil, es posible que desee
    probar mi Paso a Paso entrenamiento. Déjeme saber si usted tiene alguna
    pregunta. ¡Gracias!

  25. bandit bailey

    I love this video. I really get a good workout from it and I feel like it’s
    possible for me to do everyday. Thank you so much.

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