Ballet Beautiful: Ab Workout for a Slim Waistline

Ballet Beautiful: Ab Workout for a Slim Waistline is a graceful, low-impact abdominal routine that uses ballet-inspired movements to burn fat, challenge the core and quickly sculpt lean definition…
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25 thoughts on “Ballet Beautiful: Ab Workout for a Slim Waistline”

  1. Alexandra Mikulec


  2. is there some trick? Because with all the other exercises I feel it burn
    exactly, where she says, but this one only burns between my rips… not in
    the lower stomach. Also I don’t quite understand how her legs won’t move a
    bit, ’cause mine can’t really stay on the ground. It would be sooo nice if
    someone could reply one this :)

  3. Ballet beautiful is my favorite <3
    I love how simple it looks but actually a bit hard and effective ^^

  4. I have done this the third time in two or three weeks and now I can’t
    understand why this was so difficult for me the first time! Now I only feel
    my thighs. o.O 

  5. I like her videos in general….but this one is nearly impossible for
    anyone with lower back issues. It HURTS the back. Sad that she doesn’t
    mention that or give more modifications or something…

  6. i’ve been doing sweaty betty & this for the past couple of days, and let me
    tell you. i feel invincible. (also exhausted! 🙂 )

  7. This is obviously the hardest one of the ballet beautifuls on youtube for
    me. I really love it but my legs hurt a lot because I find it very hard to
    keep them on the ground XD. So it also works out the legs ( ̄▽ ̄)~■□~( ̄▽ ̄)

  8. Is it okay if only the heels of my feet are touching the ground? It’s
    really hard to do the way she does.

  9. Brilliant, thank you so much for posting this! I have her book but couldn’t
    get the DVD! So happy to see this! Xxx 

  10. Rainbow Loom Tutorials!

    if your a dancer it’s easy to keep your legs on the ground- so it works the
    abs not legs. works for me

  11. Loved the DVD, love the workouts on youtube even more. I might not be able
    to take my laptop everywhere, but the Internet is forever!

  12. Janice Martyres

    I LOVE her workouts. I started doing all the BeFit ballet workouts and ive
    never looked better. They really shape you well. 

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