Bad-Azz Powerlifting Motivation Part 2.5

Bad-Azz Powerlifting Motivation Part 2.5

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32 thoughts on “Bad-Azz Powerlifting Motivation Part 2.5”

  1. Dominic Toretto

    Don’t mix in the raw lifters with the geared lifters. Doing so is an insult
    to the raw lifters.

    Also, 1:05 is a perfect example for why I just said what I said. Compare
    the two depths.

  2. Needs A lot More Bass.
    Like the intensity metal plates dropping on a cement gym floor!

  3. MuscleFactory DARK

    F*****g LOVE this video! Epic, it is 2:43 in night, but i am watching it
    and getting exited for my Monday squat!

  4. alexandre avakian

    and so ? they take steroids and what ? give them a break . i came from
    fitness but powerlifting interest me . i don’t take steroids but i don’t
    judge who takes it. we have to respect it, it’s peoples life . sorry for my
    english . peace brothers of iron ! =)

  5. crocsword boom

    Most of these guys will be underground,sleeping with worms b4 their time.

  6. been watching your channel for about half a year now. dont need the
    preworkout shake no more. that shit pumps me up before heavy lifts like
    nothing else. good job.

  7. If you ever make another one like this, you just got to use Mike Chang for
    the “Shut the fuck up” part lol, maybe some bullshit from one of his videos
    like this: /watch?v=h8FVNzEjR0c

  8. Powerlifting To Win

    @iuop123 Thanks. Yeah, by “hips” I mean the hip extensors and external
    rotators. More accurately, I should have just said the entire posterior

    Pushing your knees out (hip abduction) works too and it greatly increases
    adductor recruitment which adds further muscle mass to the movement. This
    is similar to the form taught by Mark Rippetoe. It is definitely a viable

    As far as “wide” being awkward, I think it depends on just how wide you go.
    Most raw lifters cannot go too far beyond shoulder width. “Wide” doesn’t
    mean you have to mimic a geared squatter. I generally stand wide enough
    that I can hit depth and not a centimeter further. This allows me to
    minimize my range of my motion.

    Different ways to skin a cat.

  9. Powerlifting To Win

    Yes, but with the qualification that “wide” doesn’t necessarily mean
    Westside wide. You still need to be able to hit legal depth without hip
    pain. Other than that, there is no reason a raw squatter can’t successfully
    use a stance with heels outside shoulder width.

  10. Great video. This will save me some time explaining how leverages work to
    other lifters.
    6:15 I guess by ‘hips’ you mean glutes?

    What I do to improve leverages in the squat is to just push my knees
    outward as much as possible, which also shortens the moment arm, without
    the wide stance. Wide stance just feels akward and won’t allow me to go
    deep enough.

  11. Michelle Mejia

    So would you recommend wide stance stance squats for raw lifters? I have
    long legs and whenever I do shoulder width squats, it feels very awkward
    and unnatural. 

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