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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  2. The way you explain things makes it easy for everyone, no matter what their ability is, to understand! Really great video. Felt it so much more than usual just because of the subtle depression of the shoulders prior to the actual pulling movement. Peace man you’re a hero! Keep it up 🙂

  3. SwampDonkeyEnt

    Another great video! Vicsnatural is my go to guy anytime I need help building a specific muscle. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you friend. I appreciate your watching, Thanks again so much . Peace, Vic

  5. youre fucking amazing. Youre like extreme low bodyfat and all muscle. Were u always that lean most of your life? great genetics besides muscles from working out

  6. Great this guy always brings me back to the most important thing in training FORM!!!!!!

  7. Would love to be offered Wolverine. No one has called as of yet. Thanks for the props. Peace, Vic

  8. Does Vic remind anybody else of Bradley Cooper? The voice at minimum……

  9. Dude!!! that thumb thing which you told makes so much sense to me too. I tried it, it worked great. Thank you.

  10. Could you please make a video about how you work your deltoids? You have very good tips, I wish I learned all of these a year ago..

  11. No question. Not only hand placement but how much of the hand you use will have an impact on different areas. If you see a persona hanging on to a rock ledge with finger tips or a guys about to do a pulldown in the gym, it would have a different impact on the physique. Agreed.

  12. I really don’t go into a bulking phase- but I have recently been eating about 2000 calories per day. I used to eat – somewhere between 1500 and 1800- not really enough. Now, I do about 2000. I would say that I eat a lot of vegetables- brussels sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers, brown rice, whole grain bread, grilled chicken- about 3 servings total per day. I also eat some dairy and drink water. No powders or shakes. I eat a nice sized plate of food. Comfortable amount , but hearty.

  13. Vic you’re an amazing trainer, you also have a mind of a champion. Fewer and fewer guys in the gym nowadays have your type of characteristic. Do you ever go on a bulking phase? And do you measure how much proteins/ calories your taking in per day?

  14. vic i ususally train in the 6 to 10 rep range on compound excersizes, is 1 min enuf rest r should i take 2? also should i be training everythin once a week? im 17

  15. EpictheEpicest

    I like using just my finger tips to grip the bar when I do this too, because it seems to put more emphasis on other areas of the back too

  16. Vic…You present the proper form in a way that looks so easy and relaxed…The true way of a master of bodybuilding. Thx for the vids. Peace

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