11 thoughts on “Aufbau Pendelschritt Combo (Step Aerobics)”

  1. It’s a class format – 20 mins aerobics, 20 mins step and 20 mins
    conditioning. Hence my lack of experience. It’s the only step I do all week
    unless I go to a convention when I can overdose!

  2. I do a brief warm-up and then a couple of blocks of easy aerobics and
    before I know it it’s time to step. As it’s only 20 mins of each discipline
    it means less repetition and so keeps everyone motivated. Let me know if
    you try it and how you get on!

  3. Barbara Lust

    you want to see any breakdown of what i´ve posted, just tell me so, I´ll
    put it on!

  4. Barbara Lust

    interesting format. do you have a choreography with the aerobics too?
    sounds very attractive for the participants, a bit of everything, lots of
    variation. sometimes it´s hard for me to get them through one hour of
    choreography and keep them motivated.

  5. Thanks for this breakdown. I am a less experienced step instructor so this
    stuff is great for me to use. Any chance you could include text as I am not
    always up with terminology. I’m off to use this in my 20/20/20 class now!

  6. Barbara Lust

    thanks. I was planning to do more breakdowns, now that you mention it I
    might actually get to do it!

  7. Great thanks for sharing! And thank you for including the breakdown!
    Breakdowns always help alot.

  8. Must be still asleep this morning…you’ve written the combo at the
    beginning! Doh! Thanks

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