Aspen Step Aerobics and Weights — Jenny Ford

Download this workout for .95 at – Begin with a fun step warm-up, then 4 step combos each followed by a weight set. You’ll do trad…
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25 thoughts on “Aspen Step Aerobics and Weights — Jenny Ford”

  1. Kinsey Flauding

    I have seen your workouts pop up many a times, but haven’t tried one, well
    I did today, this one, and I loved it! πŸ™‚ I have loved step workouts since
    forever and they have died out πŸ™ So thank you so much for providing these,
    I will definitley check our your other workouts! Great cueing!ο»Ώ

  2. I love that your routines are easy to follow, but still give us a great
    workout. So many other step instructors seem like they are just showing
    off. Drives me nuts! I’m a step teacher too and I try to make my classes
    inclusive and accessible to everyone, so I use your videos as a reference
    often. Thanks!

  3. Mita, I am happy you’re enjoying the step workouts! Also, great feedback
    that you like that I include a warm-up cool down… I appreciate your
    comments so much!

  4. Sandra mangas ortego

    I,m from Spain. My english is very bad but is so easy follow you. I love
    your step class, is amazing. Thank you!

  5. Maria Papamatthaiou

    Excellent idea to do step aerocics and weights again !!!! I loved the
    previous one and I am sure that I will enjoy this workout also !!! …
    Thank you !! Many kisses from Greece !!

  6. You are too cute Gail, and I am happy to take care of you! It brings me
    such joy! Thanks for posting, always love to hear from you.

  7. Jojo jojo, GREAT feedback! I’m working on one now to help burn lots of
    calories, I’ll keep you posted. As for a cold stomach while you workout,
    it’s normal. Your body’s doing it’s job, and it shows you’re working hard.
    Blood is diverted to your leg muscles, heart, and lungs since they are
    working hardest during cardio exercise. Since your stomach isn’t doing as
    much work, when the blood is shunted away to other organs you get a cold
    stomach. You burn fat overall, not just in your stomach. πŸ˜€

  8. Francesca Peachey

    Your videos are the ONLY ones I use now – I find that you are so motivating
    and really easy to follow πŸ™‚ I’m loving the percentage counter!

  9. I did this for the first time yesterday, LOVED it. Was so easy to follow. I
    had done a couple of other routines and I got totally lost in the 2nd and
    3rd combos but this one was fun. Step aerobics and weight training all put
    into one – couldn’t get any better. Even though I was using 3 lbs dumbbells
    my shoulders were killing me. I guess my upper body is weaker relatively,
    so I found the lower body strength training part easier. So far, of all the
    routines I have tried, this one was the best.

  10. Hahaha, Jenny, you’re amazing! Perfect timing! A few minutes ago I was like
    “omg, i’m so tired today, i don’t feel like doing any workout, I’ll do it
    tomorrow”… and I went on youtube and saw you uploaded this video. I’m
    definately going to try it right now πŸ™‚ suddenly I definately feel like
    doing workout xD I love the scenery and the step aerobics+weights
    combination. Thank you again! Greetings xoxo

  11. Managamasplymiad

    Jenny- I just wanted to say that I really enjoy the addition of the weights
    mixed with the cardio in the last few of your videos. And the addition of
    the little percentage completed clock is very motivating! Thank you

  12. Love that you added weights too, makes it more challenging. Cardio and
    weight training put together – this will be probably one of my favorites.

  13. Thanks so much Laura for taking the time to let me know. Really appreciate
    it, and am happy you liked the workout. I’ll keep ’em coming! =D

  14. Thank you jenny very much Working with you is so much fun. .I want toask
    you to make work out that burns 1000 calories I know its so much
    challenging but I want to challrnge myself and im sure that so many
    subscribers want it tooβ™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘ I want to ask you also…when im doing aerobics
    with you my belly is icing cold…im tighten my abs during the work out as
    you asking during the workout..whats that meaning?? Am I buring the fat or

  15. That was AWESOME!!!!! This really challenged my muscles and I love the
    different variations of steps you threw in there to make it more fun. That
    seven knee repeater was a killer but it did the trick of challenging my
    muscles. I think each workout you do gets better and better. The weights
    were an added bonus which I like! Keep up the good work jenny!!!!!

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