Ashtanga Yoga: Supta Padangusthasana with Kino This posture comes at the end of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga and it involves both control of the core of the body as well as …
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Ashtanga Yoga: Supta Padangusthasana with Kino”

  1. Shit girl, that’s inappropriate. I also do yoga in my underwear but I would
    put some clothes on if I intended to put that online.

  2. Sapientissima184521

    You have to wear short shorts when you know what you are about to do? I
    thought yoga was for both mind and body but obviously your mind is only on
    the money. No shame, no self-respect, no honor. Pity.

  3. Beautiful vid. I never heard of such movements. I fear I would snap my legs
    off just by attempting this. So it’s best to leave it to the pros :)

  4. Rob Thompsonville

    You should really do some landscaping. That background is pretty awful.
    Maybe a stamped concrete patio would be nice.

  5. At 1:30 – Holy!, Holy!, Holy!, Lord God Almighty! The earth is full of His
    glory! – Isaiah 6:3

  6. Thank you for the Rumi poem during savasana. I am doing yoga away from home
    since I moved and this reminds me of how my teachers would always integrate
    something meaningful at the end of the practice, which I really miss. It
    can be hard to find or overlooked and is very important to me. :)

  7. I’m a not a huge fan of the transitions from down dog straight to warrior.
    It really caught me off guard. I replayed it several times to get it but
    found myself stressing my wrists and skipping breaths.

  8. this is such a good workout and a very meditative one at that! very rare to
    find one these days. keep it up, absolutely loved it. 

  9. This is fantastic! I’m so glad you put in the savasana too; I’m always too
    impatient and stop when videos stop

  10. William B. Duchesne

    Good ambiance to the video. Sends good vibes into this basement. I put it
    to practice often, even just in background. Thank you. | )

  11. I loooooove all of your classes, especially this one! 😉
    Thank you so much for sharing this video. I am so grateful.
    Your voice calms me down. 😉
    And the poem of Rumi at the end…, it is just perfect!

    -From France.

  12. Amazing class, you have a wonderful energy. Thank you very much for sharing
    it with the world.

  13. I have done this routine a couple times now and today I felt the most
    amazing emotional release. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  14. Samantha Thompson

    Just finished this session. It was wonderful! I feel amazing. Loved your
    soundtrack. Thank you! 

  15. Thanks for this!! I’m not a beginner but am trying to get back into yoga as
    I use it for my belly dance classes. Love your aesthetics and the
    atmosphere too. Really great!

  16. Thank you Lesley for sharing this practice. I agree with Emily, it feels
    like I am in the studio again, I had to take a break due to lack of funds
    🙁 But you have a wonderful tone and I really enjoy your video. I am
    looking forward to practicing along with your other videos! Namaste 

  17. Thank you Lesley for sharing your practice with us and for making yoga
    assessable for students who love the practice but cannot invest in
    expensive studio classes. I have been practicing for 6 years and love to
    practice with others but cannot keep up with the rising prices in urban
    cities. When I practice with you I get the same joy that I do in studio
    because you have a wonderful presence. Namaste. 

  18. Michaele LaForge

    I just started doing yoga consistently because of this video. I’ve been
    doing it everyday for 3 weeks and I feel so much better. Iwas so stiff all
    the time, my golf game was suffering from lack of being able to make a good
    turn and my running was getting less and less due to stiffness. Now I feel
    much less stiff, aches and kinks are gone. I feel like I have a path to pre
    desk jockey body. You are a gift my dear and I am telling all my cooperate
    friends that are suffering similarly.

  19. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us….your love, intension and
    softness just made my practice so joyfull…. namaste

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