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My Routine, perform every exercise pair as a superset, focus on volume not training to failure. wait 60-120s in between sets. Grow **Monday & Thursday Chest/Back** BB Bench Press 4x 12,10,8,6 Wide Grip Pullup 4x max pullup DB Incline Bench Press 4x 6-10reps Close Grip Pullup 4x max pullup DB Fly 4×8-15 TBar Row 4x 6-10 Dips 4x max dip BB Bent Over Row 4×6-10 DB Pullover 4×10-20 BB Good Morning 4×12-15 **Tuesday & Friday Shoulder/Arms** BB Behind Neck Press 4×12,10,8,6 DB Lateral Raise 4×10-15 DB Arnold Press 4×6-10 DB Reverse Fly 4×10-15 BB Upright Row 4×6-12 DB Front Shrug 4×10-15 BB Curl 3×8-12 BB Skullcrusher 3×8-12 DB Concentration Curl 3×8-12 Cable Pushdown 3×8-12 Hammer Preacher Curl 3×8-12 Hammer Tri Extension 3×8-12 BB Reverse Curl 3×8-12 BB Forearm Curl 3×8-12 **Wednesday Legs** Leg Extension 4×10-20 Leg Curl 4×10-20 **Monday, Wednesday, Friday Calves/Abs** Sled Leg Press Calf Raise 4×10-25 Abs Crunches 3×30, Twists 3×40, Leg ups 3×10, Hyperextension 3×15

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  1. naturalbbuildersedge

    so that would be 6 days a week, every muscle group twice at around 70% intensity or so.

  2. naturalbbuildersedge

    another great question. well thats the best first step having your diet and sleep in order. i personally love doing everything twice a week and all you would have to do is just tone down the number of sets that you’re doing per exercise. so instead of doing 4 sets for flat bench just do 2. you dont have to do supersets if you dont want to, just do all your chest work first before moving on to your lats.

  3. naturalbbuildersedge

    very true, but this workout is still the best in my opinion, just need to turn down the amount of volume. at least that’s what worked for me.

  4. What kind of split do you recommend for a beginner? I find FBW awful, cant stick to it for longer than a week, but i really enjoy body part splits. How many days per week should i train, how much volume/intensity to build the most mass? Strength is secondary for me, i just wanna look good. Got my diet and sleep in check and i have the time to workout more often than just 3 times a week.

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