Arnold’s workout Chest/Back, Natural Bodybuilder, Benchpress/Pullup

BB Bench Press 4×12,10,8,6 Wide Grip Pullup 4xmax pullup 2/0/1 Tempo Pyramid technique on the BB Bench Press Perform the exercises back to back resting 60-120seconds in between sets.
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9 thoughts on “Arnold’s workout Chest/Back, Natural Bodybuilder, Benchpress/Pullup”

  1. As for the bench amount of weight to add, I’m 169 pounds. How
    Much weight you would recommend?

  2. naturalbbuildersedge

    oh yea, i always come back to power bodybuilding or some sort of powerlifting routine. the key to getting through barriers ive found though is to make a combination of both powerlifting and hypertrophy. so i just finished 3 months of powerbodybuilding now i move on to this workout for 3-6months and then i go back to powerlifting. thats how you get serious gains as a natural bodybuilder.

  3. naturalbbuildersedge

    whatever weight you start at for sets/reps, write it down so that next week you can either go up in reps/weight. gotta always try to be stronger week to week.

  4. naturalbbuildersedge

    hmm it’s hard to say, i really dont go too heavy i stick to around 220 for my working sets, and when i powerlift i go up to 350 or so, so it’s really not so much how much weight you can do, it’s all about contracting the muscle, controlling the weight and hitting your reps/sets. start out with whatever is comfy i really cant say, but just dont grind out reps to make your rep count, you should be able to follow that 2/0/1 tempo for the 4 sets. and hit your 12,10,8,6 rep count for everyone.

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