Arnold Schwarzenegger on the importance of Olympic Style Weightlifting

Arnold addresses the audience on the history and importance of Olympic Weightlifting at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio Sunday March 6th 2011.

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  1. “I will be back”, the original line that Arnold wanted to use in Terminator
    before Cameron suggested he used “I’ll be back”. LOL, and Cameron was

  2. NicolletIslandSlim

    Yuri was not a Super heavy. He competed internationally first as a teenage
    90kg lifter, then moved up to 110, which he was here. He would have gone
    head to head against Stefan Botev of Bulgaria, who had done a 250 CJ, but
    by the time the competition occurred, the Bulgarians had gone home. Yuri’s
    best lifts as a 110 were not too far from the Super WR’s; makes you wonder
    what he’d have done at a bdywt of 120 or so. Simply one of the greatest
    ever. Being honored at Russian Cup this year in Oct.

  3. How few men who think themselves strong cannot deadlift these weights, he
    zipped them overhead and looked good for successful 4th attempt.

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