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Want to see what is my diet week routine? Check: Check 1) arnold dumbbell press Please Subscribe Facebook Twitter: In thisvideo Marcos Silva shows how to work your shoulders with a arnold dumbbell press exercise. If you have any question that you would like to be answered in a video blog please send an email to

13 thoughts on “Arnold dumbbell press – Shoulder workout – Marcos Silva Fitness-”

  1. Great Video Man. I Had some Questions.
    Do You Bulk and then Cutt ?
    Do you belive that cardio burns Muscle?

  2. keightley2011

    im struggling with my rear delts, is there any tips/workouts you could help me with, im a beginner so i don’t have much experience with this.. thanks

  3. marcossilvafitness

    Hey , no i still lean year around. Yes it can burn muscle if you do it wrong.

  4. DistortedBrain

    Cardio does not burn muscle, on a cut your body is catabolic, naturally you’ll lose some muscle with bodyfat, the key is to maintain as much as possible. You can’t build muscle and burn bodyfat naturally. Bulking and cutting is the best way to get big, if you stay lean year around your gains will be miniumum

  5. No it can not burn muscle, even if you do it wrong. Eating too little can burn muscle. If you do too much cardio, that MIGHT contribute to raising your metabolism and making it harder to hit the amount of calories you need.
    Saying “cardio burns muscle” is the same as saying “eating burns muscle”.

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