Are You Bulking Or Just Fat? (Natural Muscle Gain)

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24 thoughts on “Are You Bulking Or Just Fat? (Natural Muscle Gain)”

  1. Hey Scott, been watching your vids for a while now and picked up a lot of
    helpful tips and techniques, just have a couple questions. So i’m trying to
    get to 15stone (yes i’m English lol) and currently stuck at 14.5 even
    though when i use macro calculators etc they all say i’m in a surplus like
    i’m supposed too, shall i just add another 100kcals of protein to my diet?
    Also i have trouble noticing my own results, if i look in a mirror or take
    pictures i don’t think i have changed much despite people saying i look
    bigger or more muscly than i used to. Any advice? also despite pushing my
    chest hard i see no definition, hardly any center line unless i flex and
    nothing at the bottom of my chest. It sometimes gets me
    discouraged….sorry for the long comment!! Cheers J

  2. Francisco Enrique Pérez Abreu

    So what would be the difference about this ”clean bulking” and cutting? 

  3. Konstadinos Roumeliotis

    Scott, i’m lifting 7 years now but i dont have a lot muscle gain because of
    bad diet (i ate a few)..
    A month now, i make a specific diet and i achieve 2.5kilos muscle.
    In which year i am on your table plan?

  4. Eduardo Beguelin Jara

    so ill start my bulk at 8-10% boddy fat, how much weight should i gain for
    me to stop the bulk and start cutting again in my second year working out?

  5. Hey i have a question about the muscle gain per year table. If i gain for
    example half of the pounds for the first year, does it mean that in the
    next year i will still be able to build the muscles from the previous year
    and the current, or will i only be able to make the gains that are shown in
    year 2?
    Example: 1 year 15pounds.
    2 nd year i can achieve 10-12 like shown on the table or 10-12 + 5-10 from
    the previous year?

  6. Nashwan Farooque

    One amazing fact is that fat cells generally do not generate after puberty
    — as your body stores more fat, the number of fat cells remains the same.
    Each fat cell simply gets bigger! (There are two exceptions: the body might
    produce more fat cells if an adult gains a significant amount of weight 50+
    lbs or has liposuction performed.)

  7. LoverOfPhotography

    Testosterone will rise with more saturated and mono-unsaturated fat’s. So
    bulking on high fat will be great for your testosterone.

  8. +ScottHermanFitness I had a fun, but yes pizza filled bulk over a 6 or so
    month period. I started around 240, have ate in a caloric deficit and now
    am 225. I feel that to be lean and have everything ive worked for be nice
    and visible i need to get to 200-205. Do you believe there’s a pace that is
    too fast or too slow for losing body fat? And do you have a recommended
    rate at which one should be aiming to lose bf? Thanks from Melbourne mate

  9. Alan Dominguez

    Quick question , I’m 17 years old and I’ve been “bulking”and trying to cut
    down belly fat and get shredded so should I eat 3,200 calories , with
    healthy carbs and fats and cardio 3x a week ? Or is 3,200 not enough ? I’ve
    been currently eating 3,450 calories a day

  10. askchrishetrades

    +Scott Herman thanks great informative video. I agree that the twrm is
    being misunderstood wrong, especially by new gym addicts. 

  11. Kyanlikethepepper

    Been trying to get bigger the past 3 months. gained went from 125 to 160.
    This video makes me think my belly fat is now irreversible. ;-/

  12. SHF is moving towards a scientific direction which is desperately what the
    weightlifting/powerlifting/bodybuilding community needs more of. the fact
    that he referenced lyle mcdonald is +1,000,000 in my book.

  13. Brandon Cabney

    Hey everyone, I’m a 19 year old USAPL competitor with a 1430 total on my
    way to the American records, just getting started on YouTube! Check me out,
    I’ll post frequently all feedback wanted! 

  14. so summer is comming around and i want to start cutting, whats the most
    efficient way to get lean, lots of cardio or drasticly changing my calorie

  15. george19912345678

    Hey scott,is it possible to gain muscle on body recomposition using carb
    cycling near maintance calories?

  16. What about bulking for strength gains? For example in my first 6 months of
    training I gained around 55lbs from a starting weight of 128lbs with skinny
    abs and my total went from under 300 to a little over 1060 (I got a bit fat
    but the strength gains were worth it in my opinion) 

  17. SprFcknFlavorful

    Thank you for clearing this topic up, so many people I know think bulking
    is eating whatever they want!

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