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  1. chocolategoinnatural

    I love you guys…. These workouts kill me but I do them and hopefully I iwll start seeing results… (im a newbie)

  2. I’m a chemical engineer and I have to say that your bone cheeks inspire me in drawing poison skull signs for cyanide barrels. The more terrifying the sign the better the message is delivered to the workers.

    1. I think most people that are ittnreseed in FreeStyle have met other FS’ers at events and are comfortable reading and posting in an environment that is more nested so to speak.I know many folks are just not into posting on Facebook because of privacy concerns.I think we should focus here on FS oriented discussions. As far as I know we are not ittnreseed in spurious arguments that sometime show up on solotripping and p’net. FS discussions have a way of going way off base in more open audience discussions.

  3. great routine! Will definitely sweat. Need to lose the last bit of body fat to show my abs.

  4. Your videos are relaly great. I plan on referencing this one often. I have considered changing gym due to the number of older people who want to stand around and talk. Thus stealing my time and focus. I am very busy with both full time school and work and that has made it very hard for me to eat right or to get enough sleep. I work nights, so I have to sleep in the day time, I don’t think the quality of rest is as good. Any advice on these obstacles would be great. Thanks!

  5. i Iove the work out and i do parkour so my stretching isn’t aII that good and i have times with my Iower back. what shouId i do????

  6. OurBestMusicChannel

    Zuzana, can you please post more video recipes? Expecially now in summer I’d like to learn more healthy meals

    1. Hi Allie,I have not done Power90, but I am working on my first round of P90X and I have loved every mintue of it so far. It is an intense workout, but not as bad as Insanity or Insanity Asylum. I was in ok shape when I started it and it does kick my butt, but I love it and even in just 4 weeks, I have noticed a lot of changes. Most remarkably in my energy levels.P90X works off of muscle confusion in which for your $120 you get about 12 discs all with different workouts. There are several that are your cardio workouts and others that target specific parts of your body, one day may be chest and arms, the next cardio, the next is back and legs, etc. so each day is like a new workout and you don’t get bored (and is all pre-planned for you so it takes the guesswork out of which video you need to do each day). You do have to devote about an hour each day to the program (con of the program), but it is very worth it and a lot easier than you think (if I can devote the time working a full time job, raising 4 kids basically as a single mom, and going to school for my master’s, I think most people can do it). My calves look amazing right now and my husband is impressed! I have lost 10 lbs. already and several inches (went from size 14 pant to size 10) and I’m not done with my first 90 days. You will also get a nutrition guide as well to help you eat right during the program. You will be able to eat more than you think while doing this very intense program.I am also a coach, but I see the previous person offered their information and I respect that. But if you would like further help, assistance, or motivation, feel free to ask it’s free for the coaching whether you chose to use a beach body product or not! My e-mail is: Good luck with your decision!

    1. (Continued from Part I) anterior dicasl pressure, especially if performed in the a.m. when the discs have just undergone hydration while being in the unloaded position all night. Now she’s fully flexing her spine and pulling inward which can further increase pressure to the anterior discs. Perhaps she just needs to ad some verbiage that indicates that the primary problem has resolved.This is post rehab exercise, not exercise to be done during acute onset or acute exacerbation

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