Alli Simpson AwesomeFITNESS: Killer Abs Workout

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25 thoughts on “Alli Simpson AwesomeFITNESS: Killer Abs Workout”

  1. bethersmotavator

    im sitting on my bed watching this and I keep saying “wow….she’s gorgeous
    wtf why don’t I like like that”:

  2. TheLondonCyclist

    Don’t do what the girl is doing, you’ll end up with a sore neck and who
    knows what else. She has never exercised in her life form the looks of it.
    This is just an advertisement for rockwear.

  3. Jennifer Herrera

    I bet this would kill! But the “full sit ups” aren’t right, you shouldn’t
    be using your arms to pull you up, that defeats the whole purpose of the
    “full sit ups”. And the “crunch twists”, you’re not supposed to have your
    arm in the air, it’s supposed to be flat out on the floor. (The arm that’s
    stretched out)

  4. honestly, all that quick head pulling is so bad for your head and neck.
    also when you do this workout make sure your whole spine touches the ground
    all the time. and let only your fingertips touch your temples instead of
    your hands/arms pulling your head up and down and make sure there’s enough
    space between your chest and chin!

  5. Alana Blanchard Uploads

    Alli- love it when you narrate it distracts me and keeps me going ! Please
    talk more during the excercises, thank you for keeping me fit

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