All I Want For Christmas Are Sexy Abs Workout

All I Want For Christmas Are Sexy Abs Workout

4 Minute Ab Workout that will tone your core for Christmas! Become a BodyRocker and Get in the best shape of your life at home for free. Don’t miss a workout…
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Ab Workouts – Can there be one very efficient ab exercise? Difficult to say certainly. The internet abounds in information; you find assistance on so many we…

47 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas Are Sexy Abs Workout”

  1. To average folks who want to melt fat eventually, Copy and paste into
    google Fat Blast Factor so you can get started

  2. @watcherofmovies1234 Ya but this isn’t a porn session for your fat ass…
    this is about promoting excercise routines & this chick is way tougher &
    more experienced than Zusana… not offense to Zuzana because she’s pretty
    tough & fit too! but if all you’re doing is watching this to stare at their
    booty dude you’re watching this for the wrong reasons.

  3. I can never do these abs workouts, I always get the most nagging feeling in
    my neck and back plus a terrible headache but I never get that burn in my
    abs. What am I doing wrong?

  4. I too liked Zuzana. But lets give this girl a go! Whats her name and where
    is she from? (Northern England by the accent) Lancs?

  5. I have many favorite fruits and among them are these…watermelon,

  6. @meoneify yeah, i could tell they were implants but watching the porn vids
    from 2 yrs ago, really show how she looked without implants and made it
    more obvious

  7. Well you will loose weight regardless, but you might want to start with fat
    burning exercises. You can continue to do stuff that will tone the muscles,
    but that is all it will do. You have to get rid of the fat on top of that
    muscle to actually see a change.

  8. HIIT is fantastic but the secret to a body like that is more in the diet
    methinks! Great workouts, thanks for sharing.

  9. StupefyinAwesomeness

    i find your accent so motivating :’) oh almost forgot, 5 favourite fruits;
    orange, banana, apple, plum & grapes hehe:D

  10. ugh. id rather just watch. that does not look like fun! to skinny and rippd
    i dont wnna look lik that so yeah

  11. Iam4armalitem15

    I do miss Zusana and I don’t why but the british accent annoys the hell out
    of me. No, wonder why my ancestors left England. She has too strong of an
    accents. I am sorry.

  12. To build up six pack abs, you don’t need any kind of hard diet plan or
    doing the difficult exercises, you are able to achieve it simpler than you
    think. The secret is eating the correct foods & doing the right workouts

  13. I love this ab workout but everytime I see “Great Job,” I know what’s
    coming, “V-up and roll up,” I’m like, “NOOOO.” It’s really
    killer!!!!!!!!!! I can do the rest of the workout with no problem. I know
    my body will get adjusted the more I do it so I’ll keep up with it.

  14. I am 11 and weigh 132 pounds and my goal is 105 pounds! How many times a
    day do I do this and also for how long? 2 weeks? 3 weeks? Thank you

  15. Thank you so much Laura! I really enjoyed this ab workout. And I love your
    body! My absolute dream body right there!! XX

  16. I don’t finish the workout but i will one day abs are so hard for me !
    Best workout atfer my jogg

  17. Bryan Cartwright

    Yesss i love it!! Thank you for sharing this video i could really feel the
    burn!! Best ab workout ive ever done. Thank you. You have a really nice
    body as well i just want my abs to look great as well

  18. Ive been doing your workouts for the past 2 weeks && O am I seeing
    progress.. ☺ Love it.. ♥

  19. Thank you, im doing it everyday. I was just wondering, i have a problem
    with knee, so i cant run, and i just want to ask, if i do it regularly, do
    i actually lost fat on my abs? Thanks for doing this 🙂

  20. Here i thought there would be crazy ab exercises but just goes to show that
    dedication to the basics is all you need! 🙂 inspired

  21. Xiomara Barreto

    wow this is a great work out!!! I can feel the heat in my abs!!! Day 1
    DONE!!! Thanks !!!

  22. thankyou so much! this helped me a lot! do you have to use a mat? i lost
    mine in our move to a different house so i have been using just a carpet.
    is that ok? thanks! love your videos! -Hayley

  23. Yes I agree cant even believe it. we must kill the bad fat and belly first
    to get the 6 pack. btw!but ye I saw an interview with body building
    champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. if
    you are serious go for it now

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