Alethea Austin at Verticality Pole Fitness

We were pleased to host Alethea’s workshops at Verticality Pole Fitness this past September 2011. As part of the last workshop, she ended with this performance just for us. Verticality Pole Fitness offers Bachelorette Parties, Pole Fitness, Burlesque, Bellydance, Chair Dance and other exciting events! If you haven’t tried our studio yet, check us out at
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12 thoughts on “Alethea Austin at Verticality Pole Fitness”

  1. She is so amazingly talented and mesmerizing to think, wow..Now That is a woman. Then she speaks and is so down to earth and encouraging for all of us and then you KNOW.. THIS is THEE woman.
    Pure inspiration, talent, grace and internal beauty…Thank you, Alethea.

  2. i totally dreamed i was strong as an ox, and doing mad shoulder mounts to figure heads non stop… (can’t do either in real life).

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