Aerobic cu Iulia

Aerobic cu Iulia Cudalb La Fitness Club Oroviceanu

Aerobic dance. The background music is All Around The World by Zippers. ps I am not the maker of the footage. It was obtained from other place and I forget the original source of it. As for the music, I have tried to find but I can’t find the mp3 for it.
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  2. Heba Elshabrawy

    it’s oriental music for an Egyptian composer called Abdel Wahab
    try searching this title here: “Musique orientale**enta omri”
    you can search as well “Enta Omry”,you are my life, which is the song’s name to find the main song & the remixes if you are interested.


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    estos ejercicios me encantan los practico casi todos lo dias felicitaciones

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