25 thoughts on “Advice for Powerlifters and Heavy Weightlifting”

  1. Yo CT, mudda fooker hahah,,,well u are the man haha,,,like yr vids m8,,nice
    job and insperational,,,makes my lilly white ass feel motivated,,although
    55 still keep trying to get muscular and ripped and u certainly spur me on
    cheers bro,,take care all the best Mac

  2. he has mind control over debo lol jk …good stuff man i’m been lifting the
    same way you do for over 24 years now and use the same mind set as you when
    i lift ..thanks for all the vids you have put up this far 

  3. Fucking dude is brilliant can’t see why so many people say it’s just roids
    there’s an art to power lifting and a persona and he has both

  4. mohammed amine LAAKROT

    all yu haters punk ass pussies go fuck yourselves
    We support CT
    Sick Mofockaz in PARIS 

  5. are you fucking retarded? this guy was one of the greatest powerlifters
    ever 20 years ago and lifted way more than that.

  6. fletcher doesn ‘t look good??? have u lost ur mind fkin haters? he can lift
    all u haters with 1 arm and smash you with the other!!

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