Advanced Step Aerobics With Shao – 2009 06 04

Advanced Step Aerobics With Shao - 2009 06 04

I was starving, tired and about to pass out, but anyway….the first two routines are new and added on top of
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Going in with great choreography in a step aerobics class in Atlanta Georgia!

18 thoughts on “Advanced Step Aerobics With Shao – 2009 06 04”

  1. Hi, nice to know that you were motivated by this 🙂 I hope Alex is working
    you hard! 🙂

  2. Danny Ramadan

    I absolutely love your routines. They are amazing, speedy, complicated, yet
    very simple and nicely done. Bravo. I would really appreciate your feedback
    on my sole video here. 🙂 Best,

  3. Great stuff. I’ve been teaching it for several weeks. My students love it!
    Thank goodness for the lady in the back row doing the most basic steps- I
    locked on to her as I learned it myself! Thanks, Shao, from Sacramento!

  4. it looks ok, but i think you are too fast and you should watch not to hurt
    the knees of your participants!

  5. @Damascusian Hello, thanks for the comment 🙂 Glad some of my routines can
    be of use to others. I’ll be sure to check out your video now!

  6. Hi p00hb0re – I know that’s not your real name! 🙂 Anyway, I live and teach
    in Canada (Toronto). Are you a stepper also?

  7. @shaorobics Well, maybe not too tapless. But I can’t find anything wrong
    with your 32 count either. I think eliblair is the one who needs to move
    back to Sesamestreet to learn the numbers again.

  8. Thanks 🙂 I’ll continue to post more as I teach 🙂 I was actually born in
    Toronto Ontario, Canada. I guess you thought I was Taiwanese based on the
    first part of my name? Weird history – my roots are Cantonese, but both of
    my parents were born in Vietnam (hence we have a Vietnamese last name –
    Tat). For my “Chinglish” name, my parents based it on Mandarin, which is
    why a lot of people think I’m Mandarin 🙂

  9. Amazing job, a big concentration and motivation, I’ll start exercising next
    Monday with my favourite teacher Alex here….brAVO!!!!!

  10. Thanks! Glad that you were able to use something for your classes. You
    should post something up too, so that we can all borrow some of your moves

  11. Hi Barbara, thanks for the comment. I agree, it is a bit too fast. The
    reason for this, is because the stereo system at the gym is broken and
    instead of getting a proper system, they got us a DVD player … this gives
    me no options for pitch control. The big problem I have now is that some
    cd’s are way too slow and some are way too fast and I cannot adjust the
    speed 🙁

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