Advanced Step Aerobics LIVE Online with Liz Clingham

This is one great step class. If you are new to step, this is a class to aspire to, if you are the experienced stepper or an instructor, you will pick up som…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

1991 – Reebok International, Ltd.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Advanced Step Aerobics LIVE Online with Liz Clingham”

  1. OMG this is so 90’s! Especially with that Stevie Nicks Hairstyle she has!
    Great work out!

  2. My mom and I used to do this video when I was four years old!!!!!!!! I
    would put on my bathing suit over some tights and wear those scrunchy socks
    and some reeboks, lol. Good times… good times :)

  3. Great workout. Problem is that she gives me a raging hard on and it throws
    me off step . . .

  4. I love this video! It is very silomplistic! However, it looks like it
    would really get your heart rate up!!

  5. Doreen Voorhees

    I just finished this Reebok step video. And I Love it still. I used to do
    this workout back when I was late teens, early 20’s all the time. Now I am
    41. And Just found this on Y.T and did it again. Great workout. Thanks

  6. I got started with this step VHS. It was a great introduction to step, not
    too dancy, and very clear choreography. Its a blast from the past with the
    decor and outfits.

  7. I love this vid… choreography for most step classes has gotten so
    ridiculously complicated.

  8. I USED TO DO THIS VIDEO in the 90’s. I have a full gym in my home now and
    still W/O but I have always thought about and MISSED this w/o and have been
    THIS STEP W/O!!! 😉 Thank You so much to whoever posted it! 5am I CAN’T

  9. I use to do this video when I first got married in 1991. BEST EXERCISE
    VIDEO EVER MADE!!!! And boy do I need to start again.

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  11. I know there are many ways to modify this vid so it can continue to be a
    challenge however Id like more variety as well. Anyone know vids that would
    compare?? TIA!

  12. Joy, Me Too….OMG! I had this on VHS and the video is missing, they need
    to put this on DVD….I love this and I have the original step that they
    are using…..It is going to be so on! Who can we contact about converting
    this to DVD????? I am so happy my husband told me to check YouTube for the
    video….I’m so ready to begin making this apart of my cardio workout!

  13. Minnesota Prison Bootcamp has used this tape (DVD) since it came out. 5lb
    weight with 10″ step at a double time. fuckin kicks your ass!!! buying this
    very soon!

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