Advanced Full Body Dumbbell Workout

How I went form being fat to having a ripped body:…
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Advanced Ninja Abs Workout

How I turned my belly fat into ripped six pack abs.…

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  1. stefan lichev

    Have you heard about “Max Muscle Extend?” (Google it) It is a quick and easy way for you to bulk up fast.

  2. D-Funkdafied Hip Hop

    “If not, your just like elbowing your knees”. Haha Great video!!

  3. The red stuff is creatine (raspberry or fruit punch flavor) from Body Fortress. Its a creatine mixture that’s “better than creatine alone”. You can pick up a 2lbs. jug at wal-mart usually, if not then your local GNC or supplements store.

  4. hey Mike,this is an excellent workout but I need to know something else…-
    i have problems in my forearm in lifting weight.i searched it on net & I find I have elbow tendonitis. Most of the time I feel that pain while doing exercise of biceps.
    So please help & post a video about how get rid of that pain ,also if possible any modified advanced workout version for those suffering from tendonitis.
    Thank You.

  5. Hey Mike can you make a Lat workout video. Please like this so he can see I don’t think he has ever made one

  6. Hey Mike,
    I want to loose my belly fat and get six pack abs, i was just wondering what kind of workouts should i do from your videos, and how many times a day should i do them. like what kind of workout routine would be good, for a month cause summer is coming up and i want to look good. Please help me and i did your workouts for a month and a haven’t seen any results!!!!
    Btw i am 15 years old 5’10 1/2 weight: 159 lbs!
    I want to loose my belly fat and get rid of my love hundles!! please reply!!

  7. Liam Townsley

    Great workout really hurts tue next day if you do It right plus works a charm on your worked muscles recommend following mist videos for an eventual ripped all over effect love tue channel

  8. Mike if you punch someone in the face as hard as you could, they would probably die. :d

  9. Six packs don’t have to look like cubes coming out of your stomach like a probe.

  10. mike i have a question i have a six pack and can see the last two to make it an 8 pack but not very well how do i bring out the last two any good exercises or tips???????

  11. Dude, fucking tank. I’m only a 14 year old and i can only get up to round 2 🙁 Only have a 4 pack. Really want a 6 pack. Good job Mike!

  12. This guy s a souljah, I just tried this workout without rests. I failed miserably did the 3 different exercises as one set but needed a 1min break before starting set too. This exercise is pressure on the mid range of the body. Ma 6 pack will be back in no time

  13. try to do the bar brothers abs exercises,this one is pretty easy for you i think

  14. frankie sanchez

    its probably pink lemonade unless you think that its this blue goo that comes from an alien ship that comes once a year and turns pink when it is seen by someone dumb. But yeah i think its pink lemonade

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