Advanced Cover Model Abs Workout – Make Your Abs POP Fast! and cover model Justin Woltering brings you one of the most powerful and advanced abs workouts ever! If you want to get 6 pack …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

48 thoughts on “Advanced Cover Model Abs Workout – Make Your Abs POP Fast!”

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  4. thesoccerfreak360

    i have a 2 pack 🙁 its like (__)(__) (_____) (_____) what exercises can get
    me the rest of the abs to look good? Without equipment will be amazing

  5. SuperMostViews

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  6. Ab workout from hell ! How many rest between sets ? And between exercises ?
    Thank you

  7. i want to know witch abs exercise i need to do to make the V-Cut pop up and
    witch exercise can make my down abs appear for a 8 pack ??? thx for the
    help 🙂

  8. raccoonstarsmember

    I definitely liked the alternate leg raise cable crunch one, hadn’t seen it


    It is a good sign yes, but it also depends what kind of wokrout your are
    doing e.g cardio, weights etc.


    We have many of the site already, just search the channel for bodyweight
    abs workout.


    Might just be genetics or your lower abs are not developed enought OR you
    must just stil lose a bit of fat from your lower abs.

  12. Great Job! TheGravity Boot Move was Tight, off the chain! I dont know
    everything , the only thing I would add would be a couple of middle and
    lower back execises for balance and hanging strap lower trunk rotations.
    Still an excellent Video! Well Done. thankU for post! awesome work!

  13. I would appreciate a workout without equipment cuz I dont go to the gym.

  14. Marcio Cajado

    she’s a beautiful woman, i think she needs gains some muscles to make
    better her shape, so she will be perfect

  15. Not one of your best. I didn’t even need to pause the video to catch my

  16. Just did this and it was AMAZING.
    Had to pause several times, but I can already tell my body will benefit
    from this.

    So nice mixing things up by doing your crazy workouts. My body was getting
    too used to my regular worouts

  17. philosophersphone

    I wrote this comment when she started round 2. Cuz I was exhausted. Woohaa

  18. lmanderson2012

    For the first time I did every rep and not only kept up, but match your
    time of 17:40! So proud of myself!

  19. Not sure how long my workout was but i finished at this video’s 16:40 min
    mark and I used a 20lb kettle bell. 

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