Advanced Core Burning Workout – Challenging 20 Minute Abs and Obliques Workout

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Ab Workout in the Gym with Female Fitness Model Chelsey Novak. Chelsey is showing you some of here favorite ab exercises in the gym. She’s doing decline sit-…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Advanced Core Burning Workout – Challenging 20 Minute Abs and Obliques Workout”

  1. I did it! I finished this workout after I did a HIIT workout with Kelli and
    I feel a great sense of accomplishment. Thank you!

  2. Did this one today, following the squat video. Couldn’t believe the sweat
    dripping off me. Between the two videos my calorie counter says I burned
    361 calories. Not bad for 30 min of work. :)

  3. This routine was pretty tough. I haven’t worked out for the past 1 1/2
    weeks and I can feel it! But I just picked myself up off the floor, and my
    core area feels great!

  4. Instead of doing it with time, can it be done with repetitions? I hate
    constantly looking at the timer…

  5. Анастасия Голубева

    Люблю тренировки в формате “пресс-спина”. Многие люди (те, которые не профи
    в спорте) все свое внимание обращают на пресс, несправедливо игнорируя
    мышцы спины и не работая над осанкой. Такие вот тренировки убивают двух
    зайцев. И мне это нравится!:-):-)

  6. I used to just work my abs out on the ab crunch machine with heavy weight
    but when tried this i felt my abs burn more than ever

  7. Brand new Advanced Abs Workout – Try this challenging core workout before
    you start your weekend! Earned rest feels best :)

  8. so I got a really horrid headache after doing this, it was a real kick ass
    workout though Daniel! loved it… what I did of it that is.

  9. ive been doing the hitt workouts for 3-4 times a week plus low cardio every
    day between for 2 weeks. Is it normal the scale barely changed?

  10. could not do the x crunch. my bones just knock around too much and the
    sound is too distracting. I must have a really weak core

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    This is a great routine that trains all parts of the midsection. Thanks for

  14. womensworkoutchannel

    I know Chelsey does the StairClimber at the gym almost every day for about
    an hour, sometimes more. She does her weight lifting exercises like these
    and the lower body ones and well as upper body a few times a week also.

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