Advanced Abdominal Workout: Light Dumbbells for Six-Pack Abs

Advanced Abdominal Workout: Light Dumbbells for Six-Pack Abs

A short abdominal workout you can perform with a dumbbell. Even though the title says you get six-pack abs from this workout, it does not work that way! Doin…

25 thoughts on “Advanced Abdominal Workout: Light Dumbbells for Six-Pack Abs”

  1. Help ! Thanks your video, tell me After how many months you had the abs
    that stand out? Thank you :)

  2. i gotta say something Jerome.

    Great as u look, it must be said that it must have taken years of training
    for you to look the way you do. Your probably young and have had lots of
    help too.

    So trying to make out its possible for anyone to look like you do is false.
    (The muscles in your upper abs, lower abs, and sides, takes years to
    develop and extreme discipline)

    So false in fact that i am going to unsubscribe your channel because i
    sincerely believe im chasing a false dream. And you are also the only
    person ive heard say that you are anti low carb.

    it Just dosnt make any sense. Carbs mean cals and cals mean fat. You must
    be high protein and low carbs in order to get any type of good muscle
    structure and visible physic.

    Anyway your confusing remarks and false suggestions that anyone can do what
    you’ve done is enough for me.


  3. I tried to click on some articles on your website, but some error info
    shows up and I can’t access anything. Tried it from 3 different computers,
    same result. Any idea how I could get the info from your website?

  4. i was going this like 4 months ago, started doing workout for abs with
    weights, but it hasn’t done a huge difference.

  5. Stop thinking in bulking and cutting. You can gain weight without gaining
    fat mass, which is exactly what I am always doing.Just don’t drastically
    increase the calorie intake, but only go for 300 kcal a day extra. If that
    doesn’t do anything then add another 100 or 200. Combine this with gaining
    more muscle mass with a decent workout routine.

  6. Also if you don’t recommend leg raises for lower abs, what exercises do you
    recommend for lower abs?

  7. Next time make a new comment, so I don’t have to go search for it. Anyway,
    that it is measured by a doctor does not mean it’s accurate. It could be 5%
    higher than that for example. If your abs are not visible they are 1) not
    developed enough, and / or 2) your body fat percentage is not low enough.
    Some people store more fat around their waist, making it harder to get them
    visible. Add calories until you gain muscle mass, while still trying to
    increase the weight / intensity of your workouts.

  8. Thank you bro! another last thing, should I always keep doing my abs
    workout with weight with a range of 3×10 reps?

  9. Then learn the basics! It’s all very simple. Please go to my website for
    more information on gaining muscle: jeromefitness(dot)com

  10. At the moment I am using a bit of whey protein to see if it does anything
    for me. I’m also testing creatine, but I haven’t been using anything before
    a long time. It’s just that I couldn’t get the results I wanted, because I
    was too tired.

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