Adv step aerobics,Donna #5

Donna Frustere presents; ” Part 2, Stompin Step Aerobics Team” CT Expo Center Event 2008, Choreography and Music by Donna Frustere DJXHALE MIXED Part 2.
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6 thoughts on “Adv step aerobics,Donna #5”

  1. This is a performance presentation of the class I teach. This is a team I
    have to represent my style and what fun step truly is at 50+ for me..LOV to
    choreograph, Love to DANCE and this is a night out where I teach! I present
    for AFAA and am the GEC of NYSC.

  2. i am lovin’ this! i’m over 50 and step is my passion. i’m always w/peeps 20
    yrs younger, but i’m in there, up much fun, so is
    great..ol’ and new school. utube all the time lookin’ for outta box’s the best! ur combos, steps,’mates r super!! thanx starrstep

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