50 thoughts on “Adios Love Handles Bye Bye Muffin Top – Quick Cardio, Abs and Obliques Workout”

  1. many people don’t realize that you do not need a gym or any weights to
    build muscle and lose weight. I will never waste money on a gym membership.

  2. ermahgerdperderders2

    +Amber Demeola @itiswhatitis @Christine Ortiz +Mikkloud Thanks guys for the
    tip..and to everyone else as well. 2 months later I proudly say that I’ve
    gone from 150 to 140 lbs.! Obviously I may not be able to achieve my goal
    by my desired time, but I’m happy I lost 10 lbs. in 2 months:) although I
    still feel ashamed of my body..I have no intentions of letting go of my
    hoodie, but I’ll try. And sorry for the ppl that weren’t tagged properly,
    hopefully you’ll come back to this video once to see this message though.
    Thanks again for the tips everyone! I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing:)

  3. The oblique twists gave me chest pains too. Thought it was just because I
    don’t work out as much as I should. Great mini workout tho !

  4. ermahgerdperderders2

    Hi, I’m a 14 year old girl that weighs about 145-150 lbs. I really wanna
    get rid of my muffin top, and just overall body fat to a lower level by
    April….if I wanna achieve that, how many times should I do this in a week
    or day? I know a lot of responses will be you’re a teen, it’s just puberty,
    but I honestly don’t feel it’s puberty. I feel so insecure about my body,
    it’s ridiculous..everyday I go to school wearing a hoodie and a t-shirt, no
    matter what season it is. Plz if anyone has any tips that could help me
    reach my goal (trying to get to at least 120 by April and no muffin top) is
    appreciate them. Thanks:)

  5. i’m thinking of doing this before school as a quick routine and a longer
    workout after school.
    Do any of you find this routine to actually make your abs sore? im worried,
    it doesn’t look that difficult.
    p.s just finished the 100 burpees challenge along with a 5 minute legs
    video and I will be feeling it in the morning.

  6. ✞Prettyidoll "ALL BOUT MAKEUP" ! ✞★

    WOW this made me # SWEAT NO joke.. nice quick cardio

  7. Courtney Hayes

    Love you videos guys! I use MyFitnessPal to make sure I stay aware of what
    Im putting in my body and how much calories I burn, so this may be a dumb
    question, but what category of exercise are your videos typically?
    Aerobics? Or roughly how many calories can you burn from a video like this
    one? Thanks guys!

  8. MsGroovalicious

    Is there some way to purchase or download videos? Great stuff!! Thanks in

  9. boocookiebunny

    Hey, I’m 15, 5″6 and weigh 140 lbs. Looking to reach 120 by March. I would
    like to know how often i should do this and other cardio workouts to reach
    my goal in 3 months. It shouldn’t be too crazy, cuz i have a high
    metabolism, but i eat like a pig! Any suggestions?

  10. dear fitness blender!! I have a problem of having a flat stomach. thanx to
    you guys my body is slimmer than the past. im doing HIIT and low impact
    cardio in the proper order as you advised,(for one month).in addition to
    them, workouts for hands,core and esp.for abs. im only consuming around
    1000 cal/day.but my stomach dosn’t seem to be shrinking.Please help
    me.thanx again

  11. That Gibson Girl



  12. alexhamilton1226

    It’s odd that i’m the only guy here. It’s probably just because it’s a girl
    on the cover and has slightly girlier music. COME ON BROS! DO THIS WORKOUT

  13. Rated F for Fangirl

    intense crap.

  14. Finding this hard on my lower back, it’s hard to keep straight at all
    times. Any tips?

  15. Melanie Voisine

    i’m not even able to finish this workout ahaha my goal is to be able to do
    it all one-shot in one month :)

  16. Best music for any of your work outs Cassey <3 thanks for pushing me to
    keep my legs straight whew one more workout to be done for Day 16!!

  17. Viktorija Limontaitė

    When Cassey says that we should feel lower abs, I always feel my upper abs.
    Maybe somwone know what am I doing wrong? Thanks!

  18. I’m not sure what exactly I’m doing wrong, but my hands hurt like hell
    after one week of this calendar. Do I have to balance my weight differently
    while doing those plank position things? Or use a softer mat? Or a thinner

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