Addressing the ball – Coach Jay

Addressing the ball - Coach Jay

Instep, inside, and outside of the foot.
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I am a strong believer that one can do anything they put their mind to. If one is burdened with excess weight, loss of fitness, sickness, restrictions, disea…
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5 thoughts on “Addressing the ball – Coach Jay”


    Maxine, Run a 5k? Let’s do it. I am a bit nervous about reaching my goal
    but I am so far out of my comfort zone that I know it is a great place to
    be for God to step in.

    #vimodel #vilife #5krun #marathontraining #fitness #activegoal
    #90daychallenge #weightloss #buildingmuscle #getinshape 

  2. Hey Maxine, forgot to ask how your runs went? I feel like a stalker hehe
    but I have been following you since I read sth you posted on Facebook about
    praying for your children, and your Fitness journey… Amazing. Keep it up
    and I hope you are finally running strong outdoors. 

  3. Nice to train on a treadmill, but the real challenge is outdoors where the
    conditions are not controlled, and the terrain is not determined by a
    machine. Good luck with it and yes nothing is too big for God.


    That is right. Thank you! Outdoors is the real deal! I am training myself
    where I can test my stamina and monitor my heart rate before I run outside.
    I am actually going to run a 1k at the end of this month. Then next month
    attempt some others before November when I will run a 5k.

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