P4P Web portal: www.passion4profession.net Finally a circuit to work your pecs and abs in a single session. This workout is designed for everyone: men or wom…
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25 thoughts on “Abs+Chest MIXED WORKOUT”

  1. Mukhtar Abdulkarim

    Hello guys. I need advice. I am doing chest level 1 only. I want to work on
    my abs also. I want to know if i should do the abs in the morning and chest
    in the afternoon or both in the same time.

  2. just do insane chest workout then insane abs workout and then you can go
    to sleep for a day or 2 

  3. I have a question.This workout is better than Chest workout level 2 or abs
    workout level 1?

  4. Lukáš Bláža

    I have a question. I did this exercise in a moment and I don’t feel any
    pain in mine chest, ,,only,, on whole hands, what am I doing wrong ?

  5. Healthy LifeStyle

    5 Tips For Every Chest Workout

    1. Always warm up well

    A good warm up with at least 2 light weight warm up sets will get you ready
    and pumped for the challenging workout ahead, sending blood to the chest
    area and preparing it for the oncoming assault.

    2. Focus on increasing size first

    In bodybuilding Size comes first. You can then worry about defining them
    later. The exercises for beginners above will help achieve this

    3. Wide movement range

    The greater the range of motion, the better the results. Dumbbell presses
    and Flyes are absolutely crucial for maximum growth.

    4. Stretching the Chest Muscles between heavy training sets will help
    enormously. Never neglect the importance of this

    5. Never perform triceps exercises before working your chest. Tired triceps
    will give up before chest muscles, therefore chest muscles will be not
    optimally trained.

    By following this advice you will be well on your way to gaining an
    impressive chest.

  6. all p4p workouts are excellent .. thank you p4p for helping me and millions
    of people to do workout in our homes with ease . you are history makers
    .thank u so much ..

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