Abs Workout @hodgetwins

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25 thoughts on “Abs Workout @hodgetwins”

  1. “Man look at dem damn pants are up all in yo ass man. It’s cuz I made some
    gainz in the Glut department.” LMAO made my day

  2. Do not fall for “miracle diets”, even ones that sound healthy. Some diets
    may help you lose weight or gain muscle fast but exercise is the
    healthiest, safest and most effective way to go. Get six pack abs now!

  3. Do both, it’ll save time. You’ll have abs, but the fat will still cover
    them(sort of like a thick sheet). But after you lose the weight your abs
    will show. That’s what I’m doing now, losing weight but still doing ab/core
    exercises. So when the little pulge goes away my hard work will show! I’m
    no expert, I’ve just watched their videos, Elliot’s videos, and have read a
    few blogs, all with consistent info.

  4. Hi twinmuscleworkout, Is it effective to do abs exercises if your fat, or
    do you recommend losing weight first then doing abs workout?

  5. aesthetics williams

    Will doing them side oblique crunches make ur obliques bigger? (and make ur
    waist look wider) are would you have to do oblique situps for that? will
    the crunches on the obliques just make them tone and cut (but keep them
    small/normal) please let me know. thank you.

  6. robinfinckisgod

    I realise this is two months old, but I figured I’d throw my hat into the
    game. I’m a skinny person, but I had essentially no ab muscles. I’m not
    citing no genetic reason or anything like that, I just had underdeveloped
    abs – I’d never worked them out properly. Personally, I’d recommend doing
    them both at the same time. The ab workouts won’t show your muscles up
    while you’re still carrying weight, but it’ll guarantee they’re there when
    you cut the weight down. Good luck man!

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