16 thoughts on “Abs and Legs Workout for Men”

  1. jistonebroken

    Am I gonna get stiff abs?…I mean is this enough for the abs…do I need to do all these awful squats and so on again…if no, you’re a great help!

  2. thalifechanga

    thanks for viewing, well alot of my video will incorporate great cardio and toning, the best reccomendation is to search the word – LIFECHANGINC, and go thru my other videos and check those out, and i think you’ll have at least 4 or 5 different things to do till i post more!!, thanks again!

  3. thalifechanga

    yes its a pushup called the rollercoaster, looks like a yoga move,
    1.start in a pushup position,
    2.while locking your knees walk your hands towards your body til you make a triangle
    3. then do an angled pushup, but before your chin comes close press your body up and out…ill hopefully get to demonstrate it soon!! thanks for viewing tho

  4. SuperBlacksauce

    hey changa im 16 and ive been having a hard time losing stomach fat trying to get abs and its been really hard i just wanted to know if these exercises will help me or if you have any thing that you could recommend for me

  5. could you make a video on losing stomach fat, not just for getting abs? or would pushups work? and how long would i have to be doing these kinds of things before seeing changes?

  6. thefishindahouse

    hey bro realy love your videos!
    iv been getting some stomach fat and fat on the thights in the last half year cuz iv been lazy as fuck 😛 now i want to lose that fat and i also wanna work on my cardio! any exercises you’d recommend ? btw im 14 yrs old

  7. thalifechanga

    , absolutely gonna put it on the list of “to-do” thanks for the insight and viewing!!

  8. thalifechanga

    @SuperBlacksauce, hey bro, yes these excersises will help, but I would reccommend focusing on high cardio, (20 min of running, jumping-jacks, jumprope, ect) then hit abs (4 set of 10-12, then 5th set till you cant go anymore) and finish wiith mid level cardio (10- 15 min)…but look at my other workouts too…just search LIFECHANGINC!!!!

    thanks for viewing!

  9. thalifechanga

    lol..you can do any of these individually or together, ..but the abs will be worked with the ab routines to get toner flater stronger core

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