Abdominal Vacuum Exercise: eDiets

Abdominal Vacuum Exercise: eDiets

The abdominal vacuum exercise requires taking a deep breath in, pulling the belly button toward the spine while breathing out and holding the position for fi…
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25 thoughts on “Abdominal Vacuum Exercise: eDiets”

  1. This might be a stupid question… But are you supposed to suck your abs in
    and flex? or basically just take all the air out of your stomach and suck
    in as much as possible?

  2. Christopher Bhella

    Why do people like @wolfpackforlife feel the need to say such nasty
    comments about people who they don’t even know. You must lead a truly sad
    life. Anyway tried this exercise out with my fitness class that I teach and
    it went down really well so thanks.

  3. @mosesCCFC No. To get a six pack you must do 30 mins of daily cardio and
    some ab exercises 🙂

  4. I clicked on this video hoping there was a fart involved or something
    funny. I was wrong, it was just a woman lying on the ground breathing.

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