Abdominal Fitness : A Complete Abs Workout for Men

Get the abdominal muscles you want in this complete abs workout for men, including sternum crunches, hanging knee raises and Russian twists. A personal trainer shows you how in this free video on abdominal fitness. Expert: Jason Morgan Contact: www.muscleworx.com Bio: Jason Morgan works as a personal trainer in Carolina Beach, North Carolina, and holds a certification from The International Sports Sciences Association. Filmmaker: Rendered Communications Series Description: Get the rock-hard abs you’ve always wanted through safe, healthy abdominal fitness workouts and proper nutrition. Gather sound advice from a professional trainer in this free video series.
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24 thoughts on “Abdominal Fitness : A Complete Abs Workout for Men”


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  3. y are u guys so stupid he is jus sayinig intrustion , how to make abs its not abt how he look and the person who was showing hav abs -.-

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  5. legendaryangel11

    Maybe you should listen cuz he knows the fundamentals of an ab workout. Shit you retards need to go back to school. You don’t have to do it to know it.

  6. maybe the guy who made the workout was to shy and asked this fat guy to talk intead of him:)

  7. I downloaded the ebook but acrobat cant open it. Some kind of weird error. Did you have that problem?

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  10. Why would anyone listen to advice about Abdominal exercises from a man who has no abs?

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  12. MrDonaldramos

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  14. Looks good to me, this is just an ad. All the information seemed good and the videos of the actual athlete were done correctly.

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