Abdominal Exercises : How to Tone Lower Abs

Abdominal Exercises : How to Tone Lower Abs

The lower leg raise exercise is great for toning lower abs, but it is important to work the entire abdominals. Tone the lower abdominal muscles with tips fro…

25 thoughts on “Abdominal Exercises : How to Tone Lower Abs”

  1. @ryan215553 weak fat ass? im the strongest guy on my football team and i
    run 4.9 40 at defensive end yea im weak plus id rather be a fat ass then
    all bone

  2. @occellot some times it sucks. i try to run everyday and work about ablout
    5 times a week but i just cant burn enough fat from my chest and stomac

  3. cough* the only way to have abs is to not have fat on your mid section
    cough* Lesson over. -_- and everyone has abs kid, so really it doesnt
    matter how they look as long as there fucking strong, thats to me any ways

  4. @occellot i have natural 8 but my lower 2 arnt that visble 🙁 it looks like
    a 6 pack with fluff hanging over the bottom. and that is soo ture lol

  5. @R0ssMacPherson lol. hes right you know, same principle, everyone has abs,
    just matters about body fat

  6. marcolikespotatoes

    hey, one question… when i try this, my legs seem to be doing all the
    work… :S any suggestions?

  7. Hello, have you thought about this plan called the Fat Blast Lifestyle?
    (Google it). My buddy says it helps people lose weight. What do you think?

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    Body Maximizer”. They can help you get the body you deserve.

  9. @HyP3rxMiTchXx0 yeah it gets tedious but still i have to keep doing the
    exercises daily even though i cant see them anymore because when the
    ”growth spurt” does occurr i dont want to have to redo the hard work to
    get them again because it took me 8 weeks and i got them round about
    christmas last year but i play a lot of football(or soccer) so i lost a lot
    of the fat quickely 🙂

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