Abdominal Exercises : Bicycle Crunch Exercises for the Abs

One great way to get flatter abs is by doing what is called the bicycle crunch exercise. Discover this great workout with help from a certified personal trai…
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11 thoughts on “Abdominal Exercises : Bicycle Crunch Exercises for the Abs”

  1. The cool thing I found-out about my abdominal muscles (stomach area) is
    that I can really exercise my core everyday without any aches or pain. For
    me, when I concentrate my workouts more on my abdominal/core muscles- I
    found better results equaling a flatter stomach in a shorter period of time
    when I incorporate cardio-exercises and back-building exercises (targeting
    my core muscles) to reduce the fat around my core; thus, making my
    abdominal muscles appear more toned and “ripped”.

  2. This is one of my favorite ab exercises – thanks for sharing with
    everybody! If anybody with neck/back pain are looking for a way to work
    their abs, we encourage you to visit theabstand*net We created a machine to
    work the abs while standing, putting less stress on these areas.

  3. @lmorganjr … (continued) I shock the people around me on how fast and
    easy the body-fat around my core minimizes whenever I exercise on a
    consistent basis. The Bicycle Exercise is an EXCELLENT exercise for the
    abdominal muscles.

  4. Bicycles are one of my favorite exercises to help target the obliques. If
    any of your women viewers are looking to tone the midsection, visit us at

  5. I like this. She is very fit. I will loose my belly by doing the Opposite
    Elbow, Opposite knee crunches.

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