Abdominal Exercises : Abdominal Exercises for Bad Backs

If a person has a bad back, strengthening their abdominal muscles is a great way to combat common back pain. Strengthen the abs while working on other core m…
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24 thoughts on “Abdominal Exercises : Abdominal Exercises for Bad Backs”

  1. I’ve tried those exercises. Unfortunately, they killed my back even more…

  2. how can it be for someone with a bad back if you are making your back do
    all the work lol. i will try the first one she did though 🙂

  3. BreezesofConey

    Wow I did not know this. The other day I was doing some of these while
    watching a different aerobics video and I’ve been having a lot of back pain
    since. All of these require the back to do too much, not to mention how
    freakin fast she’s going. You should never move around that fast,
    especially if you have a bad back. You need to let your body adjust slowly.

  4. Wow. Some of these are the worst exercises you could possibly do for a bad

  5. These are some of the worst possible ab exercises if you have a bad back.
    You could be doing people serious damage posting this crap

  6. If you have a bad lower back it’s best to strengthen it. Yes it will hurt
    for a while but the stronger you get it the less pain you will be in. Think
    of it as an investment. No pain, no gain.

  7. The “No pain no gain” saying is an OUTRAGEOUS INSULT in the context you
    used it. “No pain no gain” is a very true saying but it only refers to
    muscle pain caused by training until total muscle failure resulted by the
    accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, blocking the the oxygen supply
    to them. That is the PAIN from “NO PAIN NO GAIN”. When it comes to joints
    pain ONE MUST STOP performing that specific exercise!!! He either does not
    do the exercise correctly or it is not suited for him.

  8. Thomas Polipnick

    if you have back issues do NOT do these planks or lying scissors–wtf? just
    not good

  9. We’ve got a great machine for older adults. It works while you stand so
    it’s perfect for anybody who has any pain in their back or neck. Check us
    out at theabstand*net

  10. Is she crazy.. I have a bad back and wouldn’t even be able to attempt
    these! I don’t want to know what will strengthen my back and stop me
    getting a back problem! I already have one! I want to know what exercises I
    can do in order to stay fit, that won’t hurt my back.

  11. This is a terrible video telling people with back disc L3 L4 L5 exercises
    that put even more pressure on a front buldge. Go watch Elliot Hulse. 99%
    of “bad backs” bad discs are buldging front. If you have a bad back forget
    a six pack. Its not going to happen. Shame on you lady….look Mckenzie
    stretch or do supermans. You need to add strength to the lower back.

  12. I can’t even straighten my legs when I lay in those positions. These
    exercises are extremely painful to my back. Are you sure these are for
    people who have bad backs?

  13. Monique Mitchell

    this is great as well as little or no pressure on my lower back great
    exercises to incorporate into current workout

  14. From personal experience with a back injury and as certified personal
    trainer. I would not recommend most of these exercises to ANYONE with a
    lower injury.

  15. I’m sorry but there is better exercises, check with your doctor for
    approval first, and who knows it might be good for you. What ever you
    do…. take action.

  16. Kiana Matchim

    I have regular back pain from bad break i had in my back. I actually found
    these exercises fairly easy to do !

  17. Bad back… lots of protein and lots of vitamin C daily. Your disc are made
    of collagen. Your body cant produce healthy collagen without both. Drink
    lots of water. Disc are filled with water, think of water as the air in the
    tire. Protein Vitamin C water…and stay away from this woman who has zero
    back pain and is clueless.

  18. planks are awful for lower back problems, this will make them worse not

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