Abdominal Exercise For Women – How To Lose Tummy Fat And Get A Flat Stomach Fast

Abdominal Exercise For Women - How To Lose Tummy Fat And Get A Flat Stomach Fast

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28 thoughts on “Abdominal Exercise For Women – How To Lose Tummy Fat And Get A Flat Stomach Fast”

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  2. BrittanyNicoleAllen5

    thx so much for this! been looking for something that is comfortable for
    me. Hope it works 

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  4. BestWayLoseBellyFat

    Make sure you have a clean diet or else these exercises won’t do a whole
    lot for you

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  6. Really great video. I especially like the clear explanations on the proper
    execution of the exercises.

  7. ABS Strength Guide

    Seeing results with this workout will never happen after a week or two, but
    you have to keep moving. If you feel like giving up, come back to this
    video and you will find the inspiration that you need to continue. Keep the
    courage going! :)

  8. You should stop running, and finde som cardio training instead… cause you
    wont burn alot by running 🙂

  9. Uhm… you cant target where your body loses fat. Where you lose fat first
    is dependent on your genetics, and how much you lose is dependent on your
    weight, activity, and caloric intake.

  10. althogh i agree that is not entirley true, if you have more muscle mass
    where you wish to lose fat, the muscles will burn from local fat stores in
    order to be more efficient. as long as you do cardio on an empty stomach
    the muscle will burn the closest store of fat. so if you build up your abs
    and obliques THEN start a cardio regiment it should speed up the process of
    burning belly fat. not always but commonly

  11. I agree… When I did certain workouts, I noticed a definite reduction of
    fat in that area. For example, with squat, I ended up with leaner thighs
    and toned calves. And using a weighted pull-down machine, my back got super
    bulky (well, for me, lol) but my chest thinned out. I find it hard to
    target the right areas, but I think it is possible to SOME degree.

  12. What they are saying is target exercises don’t as far as losing body fat in
    a certain portion of your body or mid section. There is no spot reduction
    in fat.

  13. If I do this three to four times a week went do you think I’ll start seeing
    results. I also run about four times a week and am quite slim

  14. 3:37 i hate to be that guy.. but that’s a 135 degree angle with your body.
    its only 45 with the floor. EXERCISE LOOKS COOL THOUGH. IMMA GIVE IT A TRY

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