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GUARANTEED 8 PACK ABS !!!! i dont know how much time it will take for you but you can feel the strength and burn after just one workout… not bluffing…. try it for urself.. i got this…

26 thoughts on “AB WORKOUT WITH A BALL”

  1. This Is One Of The Best Morning Workouts Just Finished 100 Of Each Exercise

  2. I just finished my 4th time doing this workout and I can’t feel the burn
    anymore like I did the first 2 times.. Does that mean I’m not doing it
    right? I’m even doing each movement x 15 reps 🙁 I do this workout 2 days
    in a row and then rest 1 day; 5 days a week basically and I try my very
    best to keep proper form

  3. Inspiring to see the video, I will try to make my body 8 pack abs. Thanks
    for share. 

  4. usually imamario

    OMG !!! I just did it for my first time and it HURTS like hell, this is
    amazing. Like everybody says ” No Pain, No Gain ” thanks man :)

  5. Steven Egoavil

    Great work out but for the rocking chairs I believe you would get better
    results extending your legs out without let them touch the ground then curl
    them back to your chest in so on. Already have an 8 pack just tryna define
    more. I’m a 3rd degree black belt going to be join the Marine Corps.

  6. i have been working on my fitness alot lately. i can do my arms but my abs
    had somthing missing. i was getting to the point were i was doing over 50
    sit ups and 4 reps then 50 scissors and four reps with 15-20 push ups and 4
    reps a day,without any kind of burn. i tried this and first rep there was a
    sure burn and even more with the second. although my abs are tonned, this
    is what has been missing. i look forward to seeing the results in a few
    weeks. thankyou for your video 🙂 will update soon

  7. wow been on this for 1 week and already this has been the kick up the but
    my abs needed to start to show. already have defined 2 pack and a 4 pack
    appearing. im so happy although it wold be nice if you could post a video
    of something to help out with the lower abs abit more. many thanks 🙂

  8. coldguitargod

    Wow, three minutes in my room and my abs are tighter than 15 min @ the gym.
    Thanks for the video (until tomorrow when the pain hits)!

  9. This is my first week doing this and damn this is a ab killer this is
    amazing my abs are burning ,

  10. rangerdanger210

    I just finished 3 sets of 15 reps from this workout. It was killer. Future
    note stretch legs. lol I feel great!

  11. But I’m not black 🙂 (no offense justjoking) you guys are bornlike super
    human :))) with great muscularity

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