Ab workout | Moderate abs exercise | Dr. Tim

ab exercise! An abdominal workout that will give you a lean, firm abdominal region to look great and feel confident with Dr. Tim Ramirez. Firm flat stomach f…

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  1. Hey there…it’s comming up to summer for me here in NZ and i’ve decided
    this year i’m not going to look like a whale on the beach! Starting with
    this video every morning and night and healthy eating, I’m hoping to cut
    down from 70kgs to around 60. Thanks so much for posting your videos. x.

  2. Hey Dr.T love the video im going to try it. but i was wondering do you have
    anything that will work fast for like back to school. I have a snacking
    problem and im always hungry so like every night ill do a zillion crunches
    but it doesnt work! HELP! p.s. im 5’4 and 115 i wanna weigh 105

  3. i think its a wonderful video.. for starters. However, i didnot understnd
    the exhale part.. I felt the second set was same as first set.. i want
    toknow the exhale part..pls reply

  4. I love all of your videos because you don’t talk so much trying to explain
    how to do each exercise compared to a lot of other fitness videos and the
    camera stays at one place. your very motivational and fun and energetic.

  5. are they lacing their hands behind their heads? , because your not suppose
    to do that

  6. for anyone havin a prob with the last exercise…i did mainly cause i cant
    get my legs striaght up….jus do them against a wall. other than cool
    vid…..are you gonna one for the lower abs….if so appreciate it. later

  7. pacificawellness

    Upon exertion it is important to exhale, max contraction of the abdominal
    muscle group, it will work the abs harder and more effectively. Dr. T

  8. This is the best video I’ve seen. Dr. T is very motivating while doing the
    repetitions. I used to hate crunches and tried to avoid doing them. After
    his videos, I’m motivated to do them again. I’m up for challenging my abs
    again. Thanks.

  9. how much is a “zillion” “M3GanOfficial” it should work, but you gotta cut
    down on carbs…. and add protein and fiber, fruits and veggies to your

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