ab workout 7-24-11

These are the ab exercises that I did as part of my workout on 7-24-11.
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5 Minute Ab Express Workout | POP Pilates

If you think you don’t have the time to workout, let me show you how to kill your muffintop and tone your abs in just 5 minutes. Ready? Let’s go. Get your ow…
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44 thoughts on “ab workout 7-24-11”

  1. I love the lemon squeezer, I’ve always done V-snaps and knee-ups, but for
    some reason, never thought to put them together, thanks! (:

  2. Are these videos good for weight loss? I’m not very good at cardio, so I
    was wondering if I can opt for slower exercises like these. 

  3. Also I cannot feel this in my lower abs.. was it because my core wasnt
    sucked in during the double leg lifts. During it I felt like I was doing a
    small bridge… is that why?

  4. Does anybody know how long it takes to actually start getting abs once u
    begin this process?

  5. I wish you would mix up your moves more. I can never pay attention to one
    move for more than 30 seconds. I wish you would switch it up. I get soo
    bored watching you. lol

  6. Can you do more express workouts, there very good for dancers maybe some
    leg or some arms thanks 

  7. I have to admit, I’m used to stopping for a bit when I get tired but for
    this one I didn’t! :D

  8. Yeah the first move really hurt my hips too. I just want to say thanks so
    much Cassey. I haven’t been able to workout in a couple of days due to a
    busy work schedule but thanks to you everything is sore and tightening up

  9. Dis whole workout my legs were hurting and shaking (already done a few
    blogilates vids) and i didt feel it in my belly at all. What did i do
    wrong? I just dont get it.

  10. Alaina Lyndon Jay

    Cassey I always hear that annoying popping noise in my left thigh whenever
    i do knees in and then stretch out my leg and it gets really painful…What
    should I do? This workout really strains out my leg and it kills me. 

  11. That first move really hurts my hips! Not the muscle, it feels like it
    hurts the actual hip bones- very weird sensation! Anyone else get this?!

  12. For anyone who has been doing this workout….do you guys see improvement
    beause I’m think of trying this work out a little.
    Please reply i want to know if its a good work out to do. :)

  13. anytime i do ANY type of ab workout, my back is in searing pain! i do
    everything to try to prevent it, suck my belly in, push my back to the mat
    but it never works. 

  14. if you keep at this and a few other workouts 6 days a week how long until
    you start seeing results?

  15. carmen bourtzinakos

    there is always a gap between my lower back and the mat, no matter how hard
    i try to keep my stomach and belly button sucked in also my neck gets
    really stiff and it hurts sometimes…i am so frustrated, i have been doing
    pilates for 4 months and it seems like i am getting worse, i am so weak and
    i get mad at myself because i can’t do some of the moves properly or the
    advanced way !! Does anybody relate to this…oh please don´t let me be the
    only one , i am so ashamed and upset :(

  16. i always hurt my neck when i do the sit up type moves, is there anyway to
    stop this?

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