AB WHEEL AB WORKOUT (home workout for your entire body!)

Crazy ab wheel workout for more than just your abs… http://athleanx.com/x/howtogetripped If you are into fitness at all, either you or someone you know has…

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50 thoughts on “AB WHEEL AB WORKOUT (home workout for your entire body!)”

  1. To build up 6 pack abs, you don’t need any tough diet program or working on
    the difficult exercises, you are able to do it simpler than you think. The
    key is eating the correct foods & taking the right workouts

  2. Looks like he’s got hernia (tear in abdominal muscle area). That happens
    when you overdo the ab roller without sufficient rest. Treatment can be
    rest for minor hernia, but if it’s severe you need surgery. While the ab
    roller is an excellent home gym equipment, while doing it it’s difficult to
    assess how tired your abs are, therefore easy to overdo it without knowing

  3. Michael Abramovitch

    Hey Jeff, can you do a Replacements video for the Dynamax ball? I’m
    looking for something heavier and sturdier than a pillow that doesn’t cost
    over $100.

  4. Luv the ab wheel at 70 I never thought my abs, arms or shoulders would look
    the way they do.

  5. Dust off that ab wheel! Crazy new exercises you should try (for your
    ENTIRE body) – Total body ab wheel workout

  6. Demetrius Harris

    perfect i can add this to my workouts all i do is 175 sit ups 55 crunches
    2min six inches

  7. Joshua Rozzy Roz

    Seen that movie Predator, where the aliens burst out of their chest and
    that cop Alex Murphy with the robot body has to travel back in time to Mega
    City 1 to kill the mother of the leader of the resistance?

    That’s what these crunches are like.

  8. Love the video guys I’ve been doing this everyday since I’ve seen it last
    week and can already feel improvement. One request can you somehow get the
    videos in 720 or 1080 HD? Not a big problem just its a tad fuzzy bruh

  9. Hey Hodgetwins — Great video! I have found that the 2 most effective ab
    exercises are the isolated bicycle crunch and the legs straight captains
    chair. Do these everyday and you will sculpt a well rounded six pack!

  10. Everybody has the valuable ability to get ripped–but not many actually use
    it. Go and Google Morsch Muscle Madness and discover how to utilize your

  11. My girlfriend said Kevin is the pretty one. And I told her to shut the

  12. If you have a low enough fat level to see it. If not do more cardio and
    lower calories to burn the fat off. Takes time, but it’s worth it

  13. Hi hodgetwins love all your videos.. I started doing the crunches (minus
    the weights) but I’m struggling with the side oblique crunches and the
    crunches focusing on the lower abs. Can you please do a video explaining
    how to both crunches.

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