Ab Strength Workout 1: Shred | 30 DAY 6 PACK ABS

Click Here for your “30 6 Pack Abs” 30 Day Calendar Workout Plan! Ab Strength Workout 1: Shred from 30 Day 6 Pack Abs is an explosive a…

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  1. +Serhat Kalkan

    Im just like you and yes I’ve been doing this for 11 days now and i have a
    4 pack (: 

  2. I am 13 if i do this everyday Will i get a sixpack in 30 days? Plz anser mé
    i am not fat and i am not skinny plz answer!

  3. first day done and dusted… hopefully I will get the hang of those plank
    pushups so i can do more of them!

  4. i have a question please someone give me an answer the question is:
    in the week i do this workout everyday, 4 days denis austin cardio workout
    strength 6 days and 2 days of 1000 calorie workout and i eat healthy only 1
    cheat food do you all expect that i can lose weight with this routine?
    please tell me!!!!!!

  5. and I do exercises every morning like this guy. only this guy is far more
    better. I do 40 push ups, 30 sit ups, 40 crunches, 20-40 squats.

  6. hey i was on day 17 of dis wrkout but studying took up too much time 🙁
    starting again and looking forward to it

  7. Day 22, and I can see results! If you’re thinking of quitting, don’t keep
    going! Its SO worth it! Good luck!

  8. lol those plank push ups. the moment straighten my elbow my whole body
    collapsed. I guess I have no belly muscles or whatsoever.

  9. Waaaw Man!!!! I never felt this hard to to do anything,,,, i gained 15KG
    Fater my Kne operation and I kneen to strenthen it…Could you Please
    sujest some Workouts for Acl Reconstruction…??? and i Started Doing the
    Work out plan!! to day is my First day…i made it through the 3
    round,,,feeling greait!!! and feeling good to start loosing belly
    fat….please Give me some for my knee… i need to get back to playing
    Soccer… 🙂 

  10. Crystal McDowell

    I love this and the 30 day Buttlift Challenge to do simultaneously! I’m
    halfway through my second month of doing these and they really work and are
    a lot of fun! 10 min videos are perfect for me so I can break it up and do
    it throughout the day if necessary!

  11. Quinita Whitfield

    Serious question: how do you rotate the smith machine into position while
    doing hip thrusts. I’m one week into shorcut to shred and have been doing
    the hip thrusts on trx because I can’t figure out how to do it safely on
    the smith machine. HELP

  12. Of course you aren’t going to look like him after 6 weeks. That’s retarded,
    this program just helps you lose weight while keeping as much muscle as
    possible. Is it way better than other cutting programs? Maybe not, but
    everybody who is doing it says it works great. Good job Jim.

  13. true,but jim has just used the active set principle in each exercise and
    this technique will allow you to burn fat and built muscle at the same time
    which these traditional techniques fail to…

  14. I’m on week 3 of this program and this shit is crazy.. Strength and
    endurance has gone up.. This is an awesome program .. Must try!

  15. Great job Jimmy .. Great Job. I will be following your cardio acceleration
    program in mid may with some additional cardio in the morning for my
    shredding schedule.

  16. where can i find the videos of back, arms, legs & shoulders workouts?? (for
    the shortcut to shred program)

  17. yeah it is a good program but superior to others, i dont think it it is
    imo. I think heavy training while in a caloric defict adding it cardio
    weather it be hiit or steady state will lose fat and maybe gain muscle if
    your a newbie

  18. WTF…… Its called a personal life What the hell type of a question is
    that in a video like this.

  19. true,also doing cardio for a minute might reduce the intensity of your
    weight training regimen!

  20. whats the point in doing cardio acceleration trying to bulk? your probably
    going to hit a caloric deficet or maintenance at best. not going to gain
    muscle doing this workout mate.

  21. Programs are not necessary. When did he ever say they were necessary?
    They’re just made to keep people on track and to guide them towards a goal.
    Your understanding of programs is lacking. He also works up to high weight,
    low rep sets…his diet has me at a calorie deficit, and cardio
    acceleration = hiit. I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. If you’re not
    sweating during this workout, something’s wrong. So this program hits your
    criteria: heavy lifting, calorie deficit, and cardio. Problem?

  22. Anyone who cracks their eggs into a petri dish before eating them has to be
    an expert on nutrition and exercise…right?…right?

  23. i dont give a shit if hes king kong brother 😛 the whole taking supplements
    at same time is bull shit! studies have even shown that if you did take
    your supplemtns at right time in ” anobolic window ” you would make mo
    gains, turns out you would have to this for years and years to even seee
    the slightest difference, not even noticable lol 😛 so fuck that fuck you
    and fuck him and if you have education about this you would be subscribed
    to people like chris jones matt ogus and marc lobliner bitch

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