Ab Shredder – Advanced Home Ab Workout – 5 Minutes (For 6 Pack)

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50 thoughts on “Ab Shredder – Advanced Home Ab Workout – 5 Minutes (For 6 Pack)”

  1. will these help with my “muffin top?” lol I dont have alot of fat just a
    small annoying layer that wont let my abs show. I also do cardio about 4xs
    a week for about 30 minutes as well as lifting. Let me know thank you. :)

  2. Just did it. Really had to focus on breathing and stretched (upward dog)
    half way through. Very effective workout.

  3. Hey, I’m 16, tall, mostly skinny apart from a bit chubby round the stomach
    and I’m wondering if this is the best thing for me to start with? I’m
    hoping to get quite ripped and don’t really know much about fitness, any

  4. Wow!! Well Done Brendan Meyers!! Thanks you for your workouts videos!! You
    are COOL 🙂 They are very challenging and makes you(me) try more and more!

  5. Thanks! I remember when I first did this and my hands were under my butt
    for support… I’m working on not doing that and finisher to do it all at

  6. Clyde Yung D'souza

    What diet would you recommend for abs? Wouldn’t expect you to type down
    everything in detail but just on a general basis in vegetables and meat 🙂
    ? I eat allot of chicken mutton beef and pork. I love ham and I love bacon.
    So from the look of it, I’d say I have a pretty unhealthy diet 😀 And also,
    is it advisable to drink water just after the ab workouts?

  7. Gints Kapteinis

    Hey dude, the workout is the real deal, i just didn’t have something clear.
    Im 16 and im tall and skinny and im going to gym,and im using protein, does
    it affect my abs if im doing you’r workout (using Weiders mass gainer).

  8. Master’ve always written in Spanish but I am learning English in order to
    send you messages I want to know how many wing beces week I work abs is
    wrong to do every day or a day if and one day no or I do master help me
    please you’re my idol I send you a big hug and take good care luck

  9. Benjamin Carter

    Challenging ab workout. I thought P90x ab ripper would have me up to
    scratch for this, but that’s a negative- I couldn’t complete all sets and
    will need to work my way up on this. Thanks for a challenging workout.

  10. Hi again, just to clarify something. Should my abs ache the next day after
    these workouts? Cause mine doesnt, so does it mean I have to ‘upgrade’ it
    or increase reps or its totally fine?

  11. Vamsi Karteek D

    Nice workout, i have question on what are the areas that should fell the
    pressure while doing each of these workouts? For leg rises, 6 inch circles
    and the pulsator i feel painful pressure on my lower back. Is that how it
    supposed to be or am i doing some thing wrong?

  12. Yr workouts are amazing, but people will suspect whether it is helpful
    unless u give them a whole body show-off of your abs

  13. 1) avoid high fructose corn syrup its in everything! 2) no eating after
    8pm. you can do it change your lifestyle 3) plenty and plenty more of
    water (excess sugar and salt killer right there) trust me I know. most of
    you are fighting the gut and butt syndrome due to those 3 things. LOOK AT
    your family. look at the 10 and under group. they are junk food junkies!
    the difference is they keep moving they are highly active. FOLLOW THEIR

  14. Its different for everyone, but for me only eating carbs pre or post
    workout and increasing my cardio worked like a dream. Also no more fucking

  15. randomshittutorials

    Are you telling me to increase fat in my food to lose fat in my lower belly
    and lower my carbs and eat more fruits and protein????? can somebody
    confirm this.. I get to eat a little MORE fat?… to lose fat?..

  16. usually what all is needed is not counting calories. its about telling
    your brain that fat is no longer needed in that area. the best way to
    convince your brain not to store fat there in the lower ab region is the
    leg lifts. more and more leg lift.. thigh work. plenty of water and please
    the brain knows to store that stuff in the abs upper thighs hips and butt.
    avoid that stuff like the plague!!!!

  17. thanksss im doing it ur way and my belly is getting flatter, now i jus gota
    wait for it to actually tone up like female abs

  18. You have to regularly monitoring your weight, setting realistic goals
    getting helps from family and friends to lose weight correctly.

  19. Jonesislearning

    But I do powerbuilding(powerlifting and bodybuilding) I need to hv close to
    3000 cals a day fr strength gains. I have some fats on my abs not too bad
    but I need to shed it off. Is so hard even after lowering my fats. I walk
    30 mins a day and try to avoid hard cardio I’m so fraustrated w it. It
    seems to b gettin betta after lowering my fats doin 531 program while doing
    abs 3 times a week and walking everyday but maybe I shud b a lil more
    patient since it’s only been 3 2 weeks of ths new program. Huhhh smh

  20. give up THE HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. this is the problem not that stuff
    he’s talking about. look at fat people watch where their fat is stored.
    that is the obvious sign OF HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP OVERDOSE.

  21. You have to eat good fats to force your body to release the bad fats your
    body tries to store.

  22. im 8% body fat, 145 pounds 5’8 im trying to bulk mainly, but i have little
    buldge in my lower stomach im trying to flatten it out more, how can i do
    that without losing weight because im trying to gain weight. Will hardcore
    core workouts everyday be enough or will i have to sacrifice some weight
    regardless? thanks

  23. kabita shrestha

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    quick way to build muscle fast.

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