Ab Shred – Quick Way to Ripped Abs

my six pack abs – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LiwCmas96A http://www.thenuwavefitness.com – I call this my AB SHRED workout that I formulated. If you are …
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25 thoughts on “Ab Shred – Quick Way to Ripped Abs”

  1. NuWave Fitness

    I think im about 13-15% BF right now im on a bulking phase :). Whenever you
    bulk you gain fat along the way once I reach my desired weight I’ll cut
    down to a low BF 6-8% and maintain it 🙂

  2. Great vid. :-)Both (diet and exercise). With me, I have the diet, but now
    realize I’m not working my ABS enough and I was doing the same exercises
    for months. Plus, I limited my cardio due to trying to build muscle (which
    is working). Now I know I need to increase cardio as well ABS are made in
    the kitchen has (unfortunately) become a sound bite. A competitor recently
    qualified it with both. 🙂 Great job in explaining things. I many need to
    modify last one due to lower back herniation.

  3. Emmet Donnelly

    A great ad workout is to get yourself a ad roller wheel thing i find it by
    far the best ad workout out there.

  4. Michael Doornik

    im asking this because u say its a quick way and u still dont have six
    packs yet

  5. Matthew Sydow

    Your videos are very inspiring. I’m currently skinny like you were and am
    now working towards a better body. You really seem like a great guy and you
    give great advice, Keep it up man I bet you are helping a lot of people
    like me.

  6. NuWave Fitness

    I think bodybeast is a sweet program. I haven’t tried it yet but I have a
    friend that is doing it and ive seen the exercises. Its a solid lifting
    program but you need the right equipment and access to heavy weights in
    order to reap maximum benefits from it. I’d try it now but I dont have
    heavy enough dumbbells or a ez curl bar.

  7. kamalkantrathi

    if you boys wish to get ripped more quickly without spending a one
    additional minute in the gym, then you have to look at this video tutorial
    COOK46.COM Sometimes I spend all day in my dressing gown. But if I do
    dress, I make myself ravishing because then, I feel ravishing.

  8. NuWave Fitness

    i’m 5″9 and 158lb. You should see some really great results at 6’2 🙂 Make
    sure you are in a calorie surplus and get on a nice compound lifting
    program 3-4x a week with heavy weights 6-8 reps.

  9. Jeffrey sawyer

    dont want to be rude saw ur transformation only thing i notice it would be
    better of.u.get some fat % off.

  10. Javi Martinez

    If you are looking to burn fat fast, you should search google for Nifty Fat
    Blaster. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

  11. NuWave Fitness

    Thanks for the nice comment, I try to connect with my viewers and be my
    real self. I just want to help and share the information about health and
    fitness 🙂 Have a great day!

  12. I watch and enjoy most of your video’s; however, I have to add a comment.
    Everyone “has” abs, but for most – they’re not visible. In order to get abs
    visible you need to diet, diet, diet and do cardio. I went from
    Powerlifting to All Natural Bodybuilding and saw my abs not from working
    them, but from dieting. Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. Anyway –
    good routine. I just felt that you didn’t cover diet near enough. Thumbs up

  13. NuWave Fitness

    for your convenience check the description I added my video of me showing
    my “six pack abs” that i dont have apparently lolol. Its just about bodyfat
    %. NOW IM BULKING which means more fat and mass muscle along the way. If i
    cut down to 145 you’d see abs again ez mode.

  14. i watched ur video of Ectomorph to HUGE Transformation and How YOU can too!
    in the end u said u were pushin 130 …. how tall are u cause im 6’2 138
    and lookin to make some muscle gains like u did

  15. I said “I just felt that you didn’t cover diet near enough”. I wasn’t
    saying that you didn’t. I did watch through till the end. I wasn’t bashing
    or belittling you; rather, pointing out that it would be a good idea to do
    a solid dietary video on how to safely cut down to the sub 10% range.

  16. You are the most sexy and handsome man in youtube. I like your voice how
    you talk and your voice. You looked hot since day one you started your
    videos specially the one on the towel after a bath. Do more videos like
    that one or others with white spandex or flexing in tihgty whities. Other
    than that keep doing what you are doing you are very good and sound very
    professional for your age.

  17. I will dream about it then. But really keep doing what you are doing i
    think you got what it takes and with your determination you are on the road
    of success. Just be careful not to hurt yourself with too much weight too

  18. He actually had them. He’s just gaining more mass to bulk up the upper part
    of his body. After enough cardio, it shouldn’t be that hard for him to
    reveal his six pack again.

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