Ab Rocket Twister ” Advanced Workout “

A stronger core and defined abs are reason enough to make the XMark® Adjustable Ab Bench XM-4416 your own. Workouts on this top notch piece of equipment are …

12 thoughts on “Ab Rocket Twister ” Advanced Workout “”

  1. To build up a ripped abs, you don’t need any kind of tough diet program or
    doing the tough exercises, you can achieve it easier than you think. The
    secret is eating the right food & taking the correct workouts

  2. You can get a way better workout with a weight and doing simple routines.
    My mom bought this thing and I am surprised at how badly they market these

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  4. To build 6 pack abs or flat abs, it is not just how difficult the workout
    routines you take, it’s also around the food you eat. And science data has
    prove that you could improve the process to get the 6 pack abs (or flat
    abs) 2x – 4x faster by change slightly the food you eat

  5. Jonathan Harder

    I purchased one of these and was greatly disappointed to the quality.
    First it was missing bolts, they sent me replacements, but they were the
    wrong size, when I gave them the part number and size, so I just bought
    some bolts from the hardware store, so as not to deal with the incompetent
    Next when putting it together the adjustment knob broke, weak plastic. they
    sent a replacement, wonder how long that one will last.
    The tube that holds the round padding is made of thin walled steel and bent
    when I put my legs on it. I had to replace it with a thicker pipe, and also
    made it longer and got some floaty tubes from walmart that worked better
    Also the bench is not stable, very flimsy.
    I guess I was expecting more for what I paid. So I would recommend getting
    a better brand, maybe one made in the USA.

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