Ab Isolation Exercises : The Side Crunch Ab Exercise

Great abs don’t come easy. Here are a few free tips on how to do side crunches to flatten your stomach and show off that six pack. Expert: Madison Chase Bio: Madison Chase is a professional actress and personal fitness trainer in Los Angeles. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
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  1. TheDancingDays4

    I’m 14, 5 foot 4 and a half, and weigh 117 pounds. I’m not FAT but I’m definetley not skinny. I have curves and i dont know if I like it. 🙁 I’m a dancer and a cheerleader, and have been doing it all my life so I have very muscular legs. Can someone tell me if I’m overweight or anything? like any tips to lose weight and what not? Thanks yall 🙂

  2. xDieWithMe14x

    I’m 15 and have a height of 5 “4 … I weigh 100 pounds… I have a “lanky” frame… and people would call me skinny. I’m not that curvy… more of a boyish frame to me… but I’m not exactly a pancake either. Girls say I’m too skinny and that I have no boobs but that I have nice legs and a toned back. I don’t do sports. But I’m very flexible. Some boys say I DO have curves, but I don’t know. My stomach is pretty flat but could use some work on the lower abdomen. Am I normal?

  3. @LuisCraig
    I agree with you! That program at the site
    has helped me lose 40lbs and gain great abs
    in the last few months under training. I highly
    recommend this program to everyone who wants
    to have a firm shape like mine..:)

  4. Sounds to me like you’d be around the perfect weight for your height and occupation. Muscle weighs more than fat. I’m 5 ft 4 and weigh around 150ish, but I have a lot of muscle, a large frame, and a bit of fat to top it off. It just depends on body type, but If you are really concerned about your weight, ask the next time you get a general check-up with your doc. Mine told me that, for my body, my healthy weight is 140.

  5. FladielorRoxaschom14

    Yes ur normal girl take the good complements not the bad ones it shows how many like u for who u are and some guys are wishing to be as muchweight as you are ur a normal :) dont put urself down on urself

  6. Theguitararcher

    lol click on ab isolation workout video get a youtube commercial for chili’s

  7. Youtube is not the place to ask that question. Jesus Christ, Google BMI calculator to determine if your weight is normal for your height.

  8. hollywood12327

    Soccer2is4life try doing Russian twist, plank, side crunches, and sit ups those will get rid of the lower belly fat I’ve been doing a workout for the lower body cuz I’m skinny and I wanna be more muscle but I got a app for the iPhone for working out the lower body the makers of it are feel free apps and it tells what foods to eat diffrent workouts and exercises

  9. YES A PERSON WITH ABS TEACHING PEOPLE HOW TO GET ABS. im sick and tired of fatasses telling me exercises

  10. I think you’re at a good weight for your age and height. After all, doesn’t muscle weigh more than Fat or something like that? You should check your BMI.

  11. It’s not that bad, you are thick. I mean, people have different preferences. It depends on how thick or fat you are. I’m the type who gets attracted to those kind of girls when I see that they know how to stay beautiful regardless of how they weigh. And curves are points for me too, that’s what makes thick girls sexy. Since you’re a dancer and all, i’m pretty sure you’re familiar with Tashinda. She’s thick but damn she knows how to stay sexy. And I damn like this girl. Lol

  12. Hello, have you wondered about this method called the Fat Blast Furnace? (look for it on google). My father in law says it helps people get thinner.

  13. If she was a Blonde…she wud have turned the other way(i.e. facing her back towards the cam) to do the other side… 😀

  14. lmaoo im relli dying over here . she said make sure your elbow is in line with your shoulder then * points at wrist* lmaooooo

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